9 signs you’re stuck in a relationship with a toxic person(and you know it)

Toxic people are everywhere around us, even in our own beds.

When toxicity poisons your relationship, you feel helpless and vulnerable. You lose yourself in the idea of a romance while struggling with a partner who disregards your feelings. You overlook all the red flags only to be someone’s other half, instead of standing up for yourself and be a whole person on your own.

Do you think your partner might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Here are 9 telling signs you’re stuck in a relationship with a toxic person

1. You always feel the need to downplay their actions in front of others.

When you are around other people outside of your relationship, you make sure to present your toxic partner’s behavior as harmless as possible. In such situations, you go above and beyond to minimize the hostility of everything they do. You find thousands of excuses to explain why they are acting like that. But you can’t always be there to excuse their toxicity, so sooner or later, it will get exposed.

2. They never put in as much effort as you do. 

Relationships are built on mutual respect. They require a special understanding, which includes many compromises. It is a give-and-take kind of situation. But if you are in a couple with someone who has no idea what empathy means and has no interest in learning its essence, then you most probably give much more than you take.

3. You are never enough.

No matter how much effort you put into your relationship, you are never good enough for them. Pleasing their needs seems impossible, regardless of the massive amounts of time, energy, and love you give them. Yet, you are still hoping they would someday change and appreciate your efforts. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this change is far too low.

4. They are making you walk on eggshells around them.

When you’re in love, you should be walking on sunshine, not on eggshells. Your partner shouldn’t bring you to the edge, they should make you feel secure. If you are constantly anxious around your significant other, they are most probably an unapologetically toxic individual you need to stay away from.

5. You don’t feel safe to share your feelings. 

Whenever your partner upsets you, you think to yourself that opening up about the way they make you feel would be pointless or met with disregard. So instead of talking things through, you prefer to bottle up your emotions because you don’t want to face their indifference once again. If this is your case, know that what you and this person have is far from a healthy relationship.

6. They make excuses for the way they treat you, and you allow it. 

Whenever they mistreat you, they always have an excuse for doing so. They had a rough day at work, the weather was horrible, their car broke down… Whatever it is, they make you feel guilty for things you have no control over. But instead of opposing them, you allow them to make their ridiculous excuses to avoid further arguments.

7. You don’t bring some things up because of the way they would react. 

You avoid getting into specific topics and engaging in serious conversations with your partner because you know how badly they would react. This toxic side of their character makes you afraid of simple everyday things like discussing your future or talking about your life before you two became a couple. Just because you don’t want to start a fight, you avoid certain subjects like the plague. But isn’t your other half supposed to be someone you can talk about everything and anything with?

8. They are never happy for you.

Sharing good news with them feels like a nightmare. Instead of being happy for you, they would find a thousand reasons why what you achieved isn’t that great. You know that they would belittle your accomplishments whatever you do, so you avoid telling them whenever something amazing happens to you.

9. They never apologize, but you always forgive them.

The power of forgiveness is outstanding. However, if forgiving someone only gives them a chance to hurt you again, should you continue doing it over and over again? And if this someone doesn’t even bother to apologize, do they deserve your forgiveness?

What’s your opinion about toxicity in relationships? Have you ever dated a toxic partner? Share your experience with us in the comment section!

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