Spot Toxic Behavior In Just 5 Minutes

You are a social human being and you love making new friends. Hanging out with new people makes you joyful and you can’t wait to go on that weekend brunch with your new colleague. But can you tell a person’s true colors at the very beginning of your meeting?

Here are 5 red flags of toxic behavior you need to look out for when you are planning to meet someone new.

1. They are occupying the conversation

Can you tell when was the last time you could even say anything in this conversation? If in only a couple of minutes you know their childhood pet’s name and which grocery store they prefer, you might be dealing with a toxic person. The narcissistic type where you can’t even have the word for a second. They don’t ask you questions, they don’t wait for you to respond, they just talk and talk. What is more, they don’t seem to care about you and sometimes it is extremely hard to make them just shut up.

2. They are already asking you favors

Although you have just met, they feel comfortable asking you big favors. Perhaps they want you to give them a lift to the airport or lend them some money till the end of the month. Whatever it is, this is highly inappropriate. You need to walk away from them as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable.

3. They see the bad in every situation

The sun is too bright today, the traffic is just horrible, people are so annoying. A toxic person can complain pretty much about everything. And sometimes it is just awkward and irritating, especially when they don’t really know you. Furthermore, this type of behavior can drain your energy away. You don’t need this much negativity in your life.

4. They won’t shut up about how great they are

Did you know that they were the top student in their class? Have you heard about that one time they were on national television?  They won’t stop bragging about themselves in the last five minutes. And if you don’t admire their accomplishments, they get confused and continue boasting about them. In case you don’t even feel like a part of this conversation anymore, it’s time to leave.

5. Something tells you they are just no good

Trust your intuition. If it tells you that there is something wrong with the person in front of you, it might be right. Think about what makes you feel like that and try to imagine what would it be like if you spend time with them in the future. If your gut is telling you that they are toxic, they most certainly are. Life is too short to spend it with the wrong people.

Meeting new people can be an amazing experience. However, you need to be careful when you are having a conversation with someone new.

Pay attention to their behavior in the first 5 minutes, this might save you from having the pressure of dealing with a toxic person for the rest of your life.

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