10 Toxic Behaviors You Shouldn’t Ever Tolerate

You hear a lot about toxic behaviors in romantic relationships, but toxic behaviors can come from a lot of different people, like co-workers, fellow church-goers, even just random people that you meet as you go through life.

No matter the source, toxic behaviors are not acceptable. Here are 10 you shouldn’t ever tolerate.

1. Body shaming

Just about everyone reaches a point in their lives where they want to change how they look, whether it’s getting a new hair cut, gaining weight, losing weight, getting a tattoo – one of the amazing things about being alive is that we can change our appearance! But whether or not you’re trying to change the way your body looks, body shaming is never acceptable. Anyone who would try to make you feel bad about how you look has no place in your life.

2. Sex shaming

Sex shaming can come in a lot of different forms, like “kink shaming,” which ridicules the kinks you enjoy, to “slut shaming,” attacking you for the frequency with which you have sex. Your sex life is yours and yours alone. As long as the intimacy is between two consenting adult partners, it’s no one else’s business what you’re doing in the bedroom.

3. One-upsmanship

We’ve all known a one-upper at one point or another. One-upsmanship is defined as the practice of gaining a feeling of superiority over another person. Usually this comes in the form of trying to talk up your own talents and accomplishments. It isn’t just obnoxious, it’s pretty toxic as well. One-uppers are better left behind.

4. Abuse

Abuse is simply not normal human behavior. It stems from a complicated series of places, but regardless, it’s not something you should tolerate. Abuse can come from anyone, like a friend, a family member, a family member, even a co-worker. There are many types of abuse, like physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal abuses. No matter the source or the reason, abuse is not a toxic behavior you should tolerate from anyone.

5. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is defined as a technique to manipulate another person by psychological means into questioning their own sanity and the reality in which they exist. This is often attributed to toxic romantic partners, but others can attempt to use this type of manipulation as well. Gaslighting can be hard to identify. If you’re not sure how to spot it, check out our article, How To Recognize And Recover From Gaslighting.

6. Belittling your accomplishments

People who belittle your accomplishments are a bit like the one-uppers we’ve already discussed, but instead of trying to make themselves seem superior through their own accomplishments and experiences, belittlers just try to bring you down to their level. Like one-uppers, the people in your life who try to diminish your accomplishments aren’t worth your time, energy, love, or respect.

7. Jealousy

Jealousy is common. Everyone experiences jealousy from time to time. Even I experience jealousy! Just because you’ve had a jealous thought doesn’t mean you’re a toxic person, but when your jealousy informs otherwise abuse and manipulative behavior, it is without a doubt a toxic behavior. Jealousy that leads to abuse should be cut from your life right away.

8. Disrespect for boundaries

Disrespect for the boundaries you’ve established for yourself and the people in your life can manifest in a few ways. It can be something as annoying as your neighbor borrowing something without asking or someone invading your personal space. At some time or another, we all cross a boundary that someone has set, usually without meaning to. But once you’ve established your boundaries, if a person continues to cross it, that is definitely a toxic behavior.

9. Ignoring your experiences

Our experiences are everything to us. The things that we go through in life determine so much of who we are. One-uppers and people who belittle your accomplishments are often guilty of ignoring your experiences, but it can come in the form of not listening to your directions or guidance and insisting that their experiences somehow trump yours. Never let anyone make you feel like your experiences aren’t important or don’t matter.

10. Constant interruption

Everyone should be able to speak their truth and say their piece. It is a deeply toxic behavior to constantly interrupt others. It forms an unhealthy conversational relationship, whether the other person involved doesn’t care what you have to say and simply waits for their turn to speak again. Assert yourself conversationally over people who constantly interrupt. Tell them it’s not okay and you had more to say.

There is a strong impulse to simply accept toxic behaviors from people we love and, at times, ourselves.

But every toxic behavior we accept takes a little more of our lives away from us. Don’t accept these 10 toxic behaviors.

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