10 red flags there is a toxic person in your life

They thrive on others’ pain, they never have anything nice to say, and they always make sure to crush your optimism. They are toxic people. And as such, they go above and beyond to spread their toxicity and make everyone around them feel as troubled as they are.

Do you fear there might be someone toxic in your family, friend group, or romantic relationship?

Here are 10 warning signs you are dealing with a toxic person

1. They are never happy for others. 

Toxic people act tough on the outside, but on the inside, they feel miserable. Whenever they see someone succeeding or simply enjoying their life, these individuals remind themselves how unhappy they are instead of being happy for the other person. What is more, they wouldn’t miss a chance to belittle others’ accomplishments. Making someone else feel miserable makes these twisted beings feel a little better about themselves.

2. They have zero empathy. 

If you ever see a toxic person show empathy or compassion, it is most certainly fake. These people will only show signs of kindness when it suits their plans, and they will get something in return. Otherwise, they are incapable of making kindhearted gestures and understanding someone else’s struggles.

3. They are massive liars.

Toxic people are some of the most experienced manipulators out there. They can convince you of the truthfulness of the most unbelievable things. They constantly fabricate stories and fill your mind with thousands of unnecessary details to easily control you or even gaslight you. And whenever you confront them directly, they instantly twist the facts so that they are the real victim of the situation.

4. They avoid responsibility like the plague. 

All kinds of toxic beings, including narcissists, gaslighters, and manipulators, are willing to do anything to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. They are experts at blame-shifting and making others feel guilty without any fault. Whenever someone points out their mistakes, they always come up with an excuse to escape being held accountable.

5. They never say anything nice.

The bitterness inside these indecent individuals’ souls doesn’t allow them to say anything nice. They get annoyed by seeing others happy and cheerful. It pisses them off when someone is being optimistic, so they make sure they cease this optimism with a mean comment or a list of reasons why everything sucks.

6. They gossip. A lot.

Toxic people talk behind everyone’s backs. They might not have anything nice to say, but they surely have a lot to chat about when it comes to others’ flaws and imperfections. And while gossiping, they present the truth the way it suits them – not the way it actually is. Moreover, they even add up spicier details to make things seem more entertaining. Next time you hear gossip from someone, know that they are probably talking behind your back too.

7. They disregard others’ feelings.

Such immoral individuals often show extreme narcissistic traits. This means they are self-absorbed and care only about their own wellbeing. Along with their lack of empathy, this makes them completely insensitive to others’ feelings and emotions.

8. They spread drama faster than a virus.

Not only do they talk behind people’s backs, but they are capable of spreading unnecessary drama as fast as the speed of light. They actually thrive on drama. Seeing someone suffering makes them feel superior. This seems to be their only entertainment in their pathetic little lives.

9. They constantly make you feel down.

Unfortunately, toxic people can suck the joy and positive energy out of you within seconds. Spending time with them makes you feel emotionally drained. They are even capable of bringing out the worst of you. If you have someone in your circle that makes you feel that way, it is time to leave. You don’t need to be around people who are thriving on your unhappiness.

10. They never commit.

Usually, these dishonest creatures never commit to long-term friendships or relationships. They avoid letting others close to them as this could reveal their true nasty colors. That is why there is probably not a single soul in their circle who truly knows them. They are too afraid of having their cruel intentions exposed.

Perhaps we all know someone who is toxic and indecent to others. But when this person turns out to be someone you thought had your best interest at heart, it could be really painful. Having your back stabbed by a person you deeply cared for hurts as much as a heartbreak.

Do you know toxic people? Do you find it difficult to distance yourself from suchlike manipulative individuals? Share your personal experience with us in the comment section!

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