10 warning signs you’re dealing with a toxic person

We are constantly surrounded by toxic people, yet we still ignore the red flags and fall for their lies.

When will we learn? That’s surely a question many of us are asking themselves.

One thing is for sure – toxicity is something that could be exposed through someone’s behavior. So, the best way to see if you’re dealing with a toxic person in to simply observe the way people act around you.

Here are 10 warning signs there is a toxic person in your life.

1. They always play the role of the victim.

No matter what happened, even if they started it all, toxic people always act as if they are the victim. It’s always someone else’s reaction that triggered their behavior.

2. They never listen.

One word, three letters – ego. These people have excessive amounts of it. They only care about themselves, so they never have time to listen to someone else’s problems.

3. They are never wrong.

These people have no idea how to take responsibility for their actions. In their minds, they are always right, and they never make mistakes. If the situation turns bad, they can always blame it on someone else anyway.

4. They brag about themselves.

The greatest people in this world don’t need to tell anyone of their greatness. But not toxic people. Not only do they constantly brag about how amazing they are, but they often embellish the truth and tell stories of accomplishments they never achieved, just to make others look up to them.

5. They crave attention more than anything.

A toxic person would do anything to receive attention and be praised by others. They would turn every conversation into a monologue about their excellence, so the ones around them could look at them in awe.

6. They are always judging others.

You can tell about someone’s deep emotional insecurities by the way they talk about others. Toxic people would always emphasize the flaws of others, only to feel a little better about themselves.

7. They are disrespectful.

Manners are one thing that’s definitely missing from a toxic person’s mentality. Phrases like, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ are nowhere to be found in their vocabulary. On top of that, their social behavior is beyond profane.

8. They can be both physically and emotionally abusive.

Anyone who believes there’s nothing wrong with bullying others, whether it’s physically or emotionally, is toxic. Period.

9. They show no empathy.

People with toxic personalities have no compassion. It almost feels as if their humanity is missing, and they never had the chance to learn what it’s like to be considerate, thoughtful, or empathetic.

10. They act childish.

Whenever a toxic person doesn’t get what they want, they start acting like a spoiled child. They start personally attack you, point out your weaknesses, call you names, and it’s all because you refuse to play by their rules.

If after reading this article you thought of someone in your circle, they most probably have a toxic influence over you. So, what you need to do now is reevaluate your relationship with that person and try to look out for ways to remove the toxicity and make your bond healthy and wholesome.

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