Why And How Narcissists Love To Play The Victim

While we know that narcissists are people we should be wary of, they are a lot better at masking their true nature than we may believe.

Their masks are stuck solid and taking them off requires a lot of work.
Perhaps one of the more efficient ways to identify a narcissist is to take note at the way they handle different situations. Do they explode when they don’t get what they want? Are they always trying to shift the blame on you?

If YES was the answer to both of these questions for you then you may want to consider the possibility that you’re dealing with a true narcissist.

The more narcissistic a person is, the more such traits they will exhibit.

The majority of them are able to keep some kind of balance at first but that never lasts long. They become extremely delusional and the more time you spend by their side the clearer this will become to you.

Another typical narcissistic trait is constantly playing the victim role. Behold the victimized true narcissist. Most of us recognize a giant ego as arrogance. At the same time, however, we fail to notice the subtle deception of ego when it takes the form of being a victim.

We can easily be fooled by the extreme ego because of our nature of kindness and compassion.

We hear the never-ending pleas of the needy on a daily basis in a variety of forms through the media. The poor, the persecuted, the abused and so on. But what we fail to recognize is that we are often shamed by these voices for not doing enough to help them.

Of course, it is easy to fall for such manipulation tactics when we respond from a place of compassion. The ego’s deception is that the narcissist can cower behind tragedy and misfortune in order to shame you into thinking that their lives are much harder than yours. They will say that you are heartless and will make you feel that you haven’t done nearly enough to help them.

The ego wants to be fed with loads of attention, gain, control, and influence over others by wearing the victim’s clothing. It always does this while it feeds on all the attention it can get. Through the eyes of the narcissist, their position is always right and whatever they chose to do is thus automatically justified.

Instead of taking ownership of their actions, the narcissist tries making other people feel responsible for their misery.

Because narcissists are experts at manipulation, they will always think of different ways to turn everything on you. They will try to guilt you into feeling responsible for helping them or taking their side in a heated situation.

The more a person does this the more they try to mask their narcissism. Do not allow them to control your feelings because as soon as you do they will take advantage of you. Narcissists play with our feelings and emotions because they know that it is an excellent way for them to get what they want. The worse they make us feel the more prone we will be to do as they like.

We hope this article helped you become aware of the narcissist’s manipulation tactics.

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