Here’s how narcissists manipulate you during an argument

Having a conflict with a narcissist is the worst.

Instead of clearing things out, you’re only deepening your issues with more arguments and fights. All because they would push you to your limits. This way they make your emotions explode and you inevitably overreact.

They would never admit the harm they did. They would only emphasize how you reacted in the end.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you realize they are only misleading you, you still stay. You stay because their charm has no limits, and it has captivated you long ago. You may think you stay because you love them deeply and compassionately, but that’s rarely the case.

In reality, you stay because they have their ways to manipulate your emotions and control your opinion about them.

Even when they have broken your heart a million times, they know exactly what to say or do to soften you and make you forgive them. What’s more, they often use vicious tactics, such as blame-shifting and gaslighting, to play with your mind. This way they turn you into easy prey for their malicious games.

When it comes to having an argument with a narcissist, there is almost no way you would get them into compromising or admitting they’re wrong.

That’s why the best way to win a fight with such a self-centered person is not to play by their rules. Just cut your losses and break things off.

Because the more you stay in their toxic orbit, the more opportunities you give them to regain their control over you and manipulate your reality.

On the other hand, there is quite a solid benefit of getting into an argument with a narcissist. When they are in the middle of a fight, they might lose control and reveal their real nature because of the pressure they’re under. That’s when you can confront them and make them confess their real intentions.

Yes, they will try to backfire and bring you down. But you shouldn’t back down.

You should defend yourself and stand for what you believe in. Moreover, you need to understand that you deserve to be treated with integrity and respect. If they can’t give you that, they have no place in your life.

They might try to attack you and use the things you shared with them in times of vulnerability against you. And they would do their best to delude you and blame you for their deceitful actions. They might even play the victim and put you in the role of the emotional abuser. Such kinds of egoistic creatures have no sense of sincerity or morality. That’s why they wouldn’t mind using indecent strategies to win the argument.

The truth is, the more you remain surrounded by the negative vibes of a narcissist, the less happy you would be. You absolutely don’t need someone draining your energy and making you feel miserable and unworthy in your life. The longer you tolerate a narcissist’s shameless behavior, the more chances they would have to control your mind and play with your emotions.

The best thing you could do is to get out of the relationship the moment you realize you’ve been manipulated the whole time.

As already mentioned, the only way to win with a narcissist is not to play.

So, exit the game and move on with your life, without the poisoning impact of a vicious gaslighter in it.

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