Life is too short to put up with toxic people: 6 toxic behaviors you should never tolerate

Life is too short to let others mistreat you and underestimate your patience. No one should ever carelessly play with your feelings. But people will do whatever they want anyway. So, it’s your responsibility to let them know they need to respect you and see you as a worthy human being.

Toxic presence can affect every aspect of a relationship.

Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to be avoided. There are situations where staying away from drama is not an option. However, you can always do something to stop people from pouring all of their toxicity on you.

If someone is constantly undermining you and treating you terribly, you need to stand up for yourself.

Here are 6 toxic behaviors you should never tolerate: 

1. When someone constantly points out your weaknesses.

Have you noticed that awkward time when you’re arguing with someone who is clearly wrong, and instead of apologizing or admitting their mistake, they start pointing out your flaws? It often happens when this person is sensing they are losing the battle, so they start personally insulting you to make you weak. This toxic criticism needs to stop. When someone tries to change the subject by making you feel insecure about yourself, you need to let them know you stand by your words, and their behavior will no longer be tolerated.

2. When someone makes mean comments, saying it’s only a joke.

Some people think they could hide their hateful comments by calling them sarcasm. They act all nice and smile at you, while at the same time insult you without considering the way you feel about their mean words. They would say it was only an innocent joke, but a simple joke would never make you feel bad about yourself, would it? So, next time someone makes a mean note about you and tries to convince you they were just kidding, let them know how their insensitive words actually made you feel. Don’t let them make fun of you and get away so easily by disguising their hateful comments.

3. When someone desperately needs validation.

You are not obligated to constantly make others feel better about themselves. It is not your job to praise people who desperately need to hear how great they are because they have little to no faith in themselves. While supporting someone and encouraging them to never stop moving forward is amazing, doing it only because they make you feel compelled to do so is wrong.

4. When someone is playing the victim even though they started the fire.

You have definitely met such people. They are masters of manipulation and can convince you they are innocent when they were the ones who dropped the bomb in the first place. These immoral beings can make you look like the bad guy, even though you have nothing to do with the things they are accusing you of. Playing the role of the victim is a common tactic toxic people use to escape their responsibilities. The worst thing is, they can be awfully convincing and can make you believe you hurt them, even when it was the other way around.

5. When someone acts as if life was a competition.

Life shouldn’t be a race. Every single person goes through it with their own personal speed, and that’s perfectly okay. Unfortunately, many people believe they constantly need to prove themselves and be ahead of you just to feel a little better about themselves. You need to distance yourself from those who feel fulfilled by being seeing you fail, as they can never mean well.

6. When someone calls you only when they need you.

The ex that calls you at 3 am just to hear your voice, the co-worker who slides in your DMs but never talks to you in person, the relative who reaches out only when they’re out of cash. These are all people who only want you until they have no use of you. They want to drain all of your energy and then leave you as if you were never a significant part of their life. To let go of their toxic influence, you need to understand that it’s entirely up to you how others treat you. If you don’t let them disrespect and mislead you, they won’t. It’s simple as that.

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