Why toxic people never apologize for their behavior

Have you ever seen a toxic person taking responsibility for their actions and apologizing for their mistakes? 

Of course, you haven’t. Running away from responsibility is in their nature. With not a single drop of mindfulness in their body, these individuals never apologize, even when their fault is obvious. No matter whom they hurt on the way, they will never be genuinely sorry. That’s just the way their lost minds work.

In the rare occasions when a toxic person admits they regret their immoral actions, their apology most probably covers a hidden motive.

If such a deceitful being says the words “I’m sorry”, they most likely do it to psychologically manipulate your emotions and take advantage of your forgiving heart.

But why is that they never admit they have done something wrong?

Some of these obnoxious people have mastered the evil skill of blame-shifting. They can make you believe in their innocence, even when there’s obvious evidence for their misdeed. Although a normal person would find it difficult to figure out why they refuse to show even the smallest sign of decency,  there’s actually a pretty simple explanation.

Most toxic people are convinced they are perfect. This unrealistic thought makes them believe they are not capable of doing something wrong. If they lie, they have been forced to do so by someone else. If they hurt someone, it’s the other person’s fault for reacting so emotionally to their words. Even if they get caught cheating, they can always blame it on their partners for not giving them the attention they deserve.

Sometimes they can become so manipulative that you will end up apologizing.

They can trick your mind into thinking that it was your fault they did you wrong. They can make you believe you are responsible for the nasty way they behaved. By twisting your reality, they can make you fall for whatever they want. That’s how you become a victim of their wicked gaslighting games.

Falling in love with a toxic person can destroy your whole world. But they make it so easy to fall for their deluding charisma.

In the beginning, their vibrant personality, their confidence, and their magnetism seem to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. They create an image of someone you can see a future with. They lead you on by letting you believe they have real feelings for you. However, the moment they sense you’re too caught up in your feelings for them, they unleash their toxicity and crush your reality. The perfect image you fell in love with crashes down, and the charisma you were attracted to turns into a tool for manipulation.

Leaving a toxic partner is not an easy task. It requires enormous amounts of courage. Many people believe choosing to let go is the obvious choice, but it’s never that simple. It all depends on the level of psychological manipulation you’ve been put through. But once you free yourself from their poisonous influence, you realize you deserve so much more.

Even if they try to convince you to stay, know that these beings never change. Being someone’s victim doesn’t suit you, so in case you’re in this position, just walk away.

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