8 alerting signs you’re overstressed (and don’t even notice it)

Lately, stress has become an inevitable part of our lives.

The world has turned into a madhouse, causing millions of people to struggle with anxiety, depression, emotional fatigue, sleep deprivation, and all kinds of mental health issues.

However, we still tend to overlook problems related to our mental health. Many of us try to ignore such concerns as much as possible, believing they would eventually go away. Unfortunately, in most cases, instead of magically disappearing, the issues pile up and turn into a ticking bomb. And when that bomb explodes, we feel so helpless that we become victims of our own minds.

Here are 8 warning signs you might be dealing with severe stress and anxiety:

1. You are constantly moving.

If you’re constantly moving your foot when sitting down, picking your lips all the time, or scratching your head just so you have something to do with your hands, chances are you are struggling with anxiety. When it feels unnatural just to sit and relax, your body is telling you that there’s something wrong. This usually happens when your mind is too tired to alert you about the stress you’ve been dealing with.

2. You are in constant pain.

If you ignore the signs of stress and anxiety, your body eventually starts boycotting you. You start waking up with severe back pain and relentless headaches. Sooner or later, you realize that the pain isn’t caused by sleeping in a weird position, as it lasts far too long for a simple stiffness. This is a huge red flag implying that you need to slow down.

3. You are experiencing sleep deprivation.

Are you feeling tired throughout the day and unable to fall asleep during the night? Most probably, this is caused by the constant pressure you are going through. Your overthinking mind keeps you awake at night, and when you finally manage to fall asleep, you have terrible nightmares. The next morning, all you can think about is going to bed, and this scenario repeats every single day.

4. You can’t let go of issues hours after they have been resolved.

When you can’t stop thinking about certain situations long after they have been settled, it is clear that you are overwhelmed. If you allow your mind to be occupied by thoughts about problems you have no control over, you are only making things worse for yourself. By continuously worrying about things you cannot change, you fuel your anxiety and make it seem way more severe than it might be.

5. You are struggling with unusual weight changes.

Sometimes battling with emotional burnout can lead to changes in your eating habits. You either overeat, thinking that food is a source of comfort, or you barely put anything in your digestive system. In both cases, your abnormal eating routine becomes the reason for extra fatigue and physical exhaustion, which leads to even more stress.

6. Your level of tolerance for others rapidly decreases.

Every little thing others do or say irritates you. When they express their opinion about something, all you can think of is how not to throw out a sarcastic comment about their shallow mindset. As days go by, you lose more and more patience towards the ones around you. This headspace of yours is filled with pressure caused by your own perception that no one else can do things as efficiently as you.

7. Your mood swings within seconds.

One moment you are the most tender, kind, mellow person on earth, and seconds after, you turn into an awfully irritable, angry ball of fury. There is even a possibility you don’t realize you’ve been changing your mood at such a drastic speed. Your increased sensitivity and lack of patience are most probably a product of your anxiety issues.

8. Your sexual desires diminish.

When your mind is overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression, sex is usually not amongst the things you can think of. You’re either too tired or too busy with your thoughts to engage in anything that involves intimacy. Eventually, you slowly lose the closeness you have with your partner, or, if you’re single, you lose interest in finding one.

These are only a few of the many signs that show you are overstressed and burned out.

Some of them might never cross your mind as indicators of anxiety issues. However, if you have been under a lot of pressure lately and you notice disturbing changes in your behavior, make an effort to slow down a little.

Take a step back to rewind. Try to figure out the source of your emotional exhaustion and think of ways to overcome it. Listen to your inner voice, observe your reactions towards certain things, and try to notice what triggers your irritation. This way, you will see what stresses you out, and you will be able to control the way it influences your mind.

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