7 types of TOXIC people you’ll meet and how to spot them

People with toxic qualities are difficult to be around and can leave you feeling drained.

If you have a toxic person in your life, you are probably familiar with the way they can make you feel. Depending on their toxic qualities, they can impact your emotional and mental well-being in numerous, different ways. Author Vanessa Van Edwards claims that there are seven different types of toxic people as she explains how you can spot them:

1. The conversational narcissist

This type of person is self-centered and loves talking about themselves. During conversations, these people tend to interrupt, talk only about themselves and rarely ask questions about you. In fact, on the rare occasion that they do ask you a question, it is likely that they will not wait for your response but instead, continue talking over you. Evidently, a relationship with a conversational narcissist can be toxic as you will often find yourself feeling ignored and dismissed. 

2. The straitjacket 

A straitjacket is a piece of garment which is used to restrain a person (usually a prisoner or mental patient) as it can be tied together to confine their arms. The reason this type of person is called a straitjacket is due to the overwhelming control and restraint which they try to exercise over you. This toxic person wants to be in charge of what you say, do and even think. Being in a relationship with this type of person will drain your energy as they take away your emotional, conversational and mental freedom.

3. The emotional moocher or spiritual vampire

You could be feeling ecstatic, but just a few minutes with this type of person will leave you feeling upset and drained. The emotional moocher is an extremely negative person: they are constantly upset and always complaining, no matter how good things may be. If every time you see them they have nothing good to say, it is probably best that you take a few steps back and reconsider your relationship.

4. The drama magnet

This type of person is constantly caught up in drama. They complain, evoke feelings of sympathy and ask you for support; however, when you try to help them by giving a viable solution to their problems, they intentionally ignore you. By doing so, they ensure that they maintain their victim status and are constantly pitied. If you have a drama magnet in your life, you should be cautious as sooner or later, you might be drawn into their drama.

5. The JJ (Jealous-Judgmental)

Even if they are your closest friend, the jealous-judgmental person will rarely be happy for you. This type of person is usually deeply troubled as their jealousy and judgement comes from their personal unhappiness. A jealous-judgmental person tends to harbor deep feelings of self-hatred and insecurity; for this reason, when you succeed, their jealousy drives them to judge you, criticize you and even gossip about you. Make sure that you know you deserve people who are proud of you and happy for you.

6. The liar

People who tell lies tend to poison their relationships as they erode the trust you’ve built. It is important to note that lying about small, meaningless things is just as toxic as lying about big, important things. When you realize that you are being lied to on a regular basis, you will find yourself second guessing everything the person says. If you find yourself doing this, the trust is probably already gone and the relationship may be past repair.

7. The tank

Like a tank, this type of person will crush any ideas, thoughts and feelings you may have if they do not align with their own. This person thinks that they are always right and regards their personal opinions as solid facts. Naturally, they expect you to share their beliefs and if you do not, they will challenge you until you do. Tanks believe that they are smarter, better and overall, superior. This attitude and type of behavior is extremely toxic in relationships as you will be disrespected, dismissed and made to feel inferior.

It is important to learn how to spot and recognize these seven types of toxic people because when you do, you are less likely to become their victim.

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