If You Want To Find True Happiness, Cut The Energy Vampires Out Of Your Life

All the people in your surroundings you spend time with are people you give energy to. And the more energy you give them, the more they will either support you or take advantage of you.

If you really want to lead a happy life, you must cut the energy flow of toxic or undeserving people.

People who aren’t willing to give back do not deserve to be fed. If they won’t help us grow, they only hold us back.

Being happy is not about being around as many people as possible, it is about building relationships with like-minded individuals with whom you can grow together. Inevitably, you will cross paths people who will make you feel worthless and they certainly do not deserve to be around you!

Energy vampires can sometimes even be our friends or members of our family, and we don’t realize what is going on until they’ve managed to sink their teeth in us. 

Once we find out the truth and their masks have come off it can be both a problem and a solution. These people will fight dirty to remain in your life and keep on sucking your energy, but once you break free from them you will transform into a more mentally stable version of yourself.

You should not keep allowing energy vampires to keep asking you for favors or to be part of your life at all. You are the boss and the decision is entirely up to you.

Of course, you may feel down at first for coming off as heartless but do not worry, it will be better for you in the end.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to change toxic people. This is important if you want to keep moving in a positive direction.

If a person is talking negatively about others to you, it is likely they’re talking badly about you to other people. That is one of the clues you should watch out for when trying to spot such a toxic person. But be aware that some people will be much more sneaky in their actions. Paying close attention to how they express themselves and whether they back their words with actions will be key in spotting them.

If someone in your circle is dragging you down, you shouldn’t have to feel bad about cutting ties with them, and you don’t even need to waste time explaining yourself. You don’t owe these people a thing. Let them figure things out on their own and if that experience causes them to look inward and change for the better, then good for them.

Life is not infinite, and we all need to make the most of it.

Do not allow people to use you and manipulate you. Your life is your life, and it is only up to you to make it better.

There is nothing complicated about happiness.

Once you surround yourself with people who mean you well, it will come naturally. Never let anyone use you under any circumstances.

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