7 Things That Terrify Every Narcissist

Narcissists believe that they are superior.

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and believe that they are special. As a result, they think that they are entitled to special treatment and that everyone is inferior. Narcissists often lack empathy and employ manipulation tactics to trick people into giving them what they want. Due to the narcissist’s (initially) charming nature, many fail to realize that they are being used or manipulated. With time, however, they will eventually understand that they have been abused. While narcissists may seem like cruel people who are afraid of nothing, several things terrify them to their core.

Every narcissist is scared of these seven things.

1. Rejection

Naturally, someone who believes that they are entitled to attention and praise will be terrified of rejection. When someone with NPD gets rejected, they are likely to become aggressive and violent. This reaction is brought about by fear and disbelief as they cannot understand how someone would not see them as superior and special.

2. Abandonment

In relationships, narcissists can be extremely abusive and manipulative. Not surprisingly, their partners often threaten to leave them. Upon hearing this, the narcissist will begin to lie and make empty promises. They will vow that they will change and manipulate their partner into staying.

3. Indifference

A narcissist would rather be hated than ignored. When they are loved and admired, narcissists feel proud. When they are hated, they believe that people’s hatred is a result of envy. In other words, a narcissist does not care whether they are loved or hated — as long as they are not ignored. Narcissists fear indifference as being ignored means being unworthy of attention.

4. Aging

People who are obsessed with their appearance cannot bear the thought of aging. They are terrified of old age as they associate it with the deterioration of their looks and, subsequently, the loss of external attention or validation.

5. Being mocked

Narcissists are more than happy to mock others. Often, they will make jokes about people and tell them not to take themselves too seriously. However, if someone makes a joke about the narcissist, they will become overcome by fear and anger.

6. Failure

Failure is the one thing that narcissists fear more than anything else. To lose or fail, one must have flaws and narcissists believe that they are flawless. Therefore, when the narcissist fails, they feel terrified as their sense of self becomes threatened.

7. Being exposed

If you point out their abuse and manipulation, a narcissist will feel exposed and vulnerable. Instead of owning up to their behavior, they will become aggressive as they begin to gaslight you. In other words, they will try to convince you that you have made a mistake.

Ultimately, narcissists are afraid of everything that threatens their sense of self. They believe they are perfect, flawless, and superior. Anything that proves or suggests the opposite will confuse, scare, and infuriate them.

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