What are narcissists afraid of: 10 fears all narcissists share

Even though narcissists present themselves as strong and superior individuals, deep down they hide fears and concerns just like everyone else.

Well, maybe not quite like everyone else, because their extreme self-centeredness makes them excessively touchy, irritable, and resentful.

While they go the extra mile to maintain a reputation of praiseworthy beings, narcissists are afraid of many things, including being neglected, being mocked, and having their precious reputation shattered into pieces. They might act arrogant and bossy, but they are just as confused as we all are. Perhaps even more.

Here are 10 things narcissists are deeply terrified of:

1. Not being the center of attention.

Narcissists feed on other people’s recognition and praise. They thrive the most when their greatness, even if it’s fake, is being admired by others. Besides, they have a constant need for validation and reassurance. That is why one of the things they fear the most is not being the center of attention. If someone dares to neglect their presence, narcissists feel as if the world has ended. They find it incredibly hard to believe that there are people in this world who don’t worship them.

2. Being held responsible for their actions.

Typically, narcissists never take responsibility for their mistakes. No matter whose feelings they hurt, these toxic individuals are incapable of admitting they were wrong. In their minds, it is never their fault. So when someone directly confronts them about their indecent actions, instead of apologizing, they would lash out and come up with an excuse to justify their behavior.

3. Being rejected.

Self-centered people believe that they don’t have a single bad quality within their personality. They work really hard on creating the perfect persona that everyone will adore. Being accepted and liked by others is vital for them not only because it feeds their ego, but also because it helps them manipulate the ones around them. When someone ignores them or refuses to play by their rules, narcissists get insanely scared. They feel as if all the hard work on building that fake likable figure has failed miserably.

4. Being humiliated.

Everyone is afraid of becoming a subject of humiliation or shame. However, narcissists are especially horrified by this, as they are well-aware it could ruin their reputation. Since being on the walk of shame can lead to receiving a lower social status, it is enough to scare the hell out of them.

5. Being disrespected.

Narcissists are natural-born manipulators. They are usually in leading positions, giving them the power to control the lives of whole teams of people. They don’t accept criticism – they give it. And when someone tries to disrespect their status, they simply can’t handle it. That’s because they are not used to having their flaws and mistakes pointed out. So when that happens, they often react aggressively and verbally attack the other person while trying to defend themselves and their reputation.

6. Not being in a leading position.

Narcissists can’t stand having someone superior to them. When it comes to their career, they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the highest post possible. This way they can influence others’ lives without having anyone else telling them what to do and how to behave. Being in a position where they have to report to someone higher-up makes them feel terrible about themselves.

7. Being made fun of.

Making fun of others is one of the narcissists’ favorite activities. Somehow in their mind, this makes them feel more confident about themselves. But when the tables turn, they become extremely touchy and even volatile. When a narcissist becomes the subject of jokes and laughs, they get terrified. In suchlike situations, they find it really hard to react as they are not used to being on that side of the fence. But as soon as they come to their senses, they make sure everyone pays for trying to mess with them.

8. Failing.

The size of a narcissist’s ego is larger than we can imagine. So, with an ego that big, it’s understandable that these self-absorbed individuals get panic-stricken every time their plans fail or their light gets outshined. They simply can’t comprehend that someone could be better than them. And when they fail at being the very best and taking the first place, which they believe belongs to no one else but them, narcissists start blaming the weather, the people around them, the way stars have aligned at this time, but never themselves. Witnessing a narcissist admit they have made a mistake would be the eighth wonder of the world.

9. Exposing their vulnerability to someone else.

Narcissists are too self-concerned and insecure to let someone see their true colors. While they crave to be adored by others, they prefer this admiration to be done by a safe distance where they don’t have to let their guard down. This is the reason why they also fear committing to long-term relationships. Revealing their real face would mean tearing down the make-believe perfect world they have worked so hard on building. What’s more, narcissists believe that showing any signs of emotions means showing weakness. If they display their emotional side, this would mean they are just as pathetic and fragile as everyone else, and this is definitely something they avoid like the plague.

10. Death.

Perhaps every single person in the world is afraid of dying. However, narcissists are not scared of death because it represents the end of their lives, but because they would not be able to maintain the control they have gained. They are frightened that their accomplishments and their greatness might be forgotten after they die. Besides, they fear the possibility that someone might try to tear down the reputation they have been safeguarding for so long. The thought of not being able to pull the strings of everything and everyone around them anymore petrifies them.

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