7 Sweet And Simple Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Your partner deserves to know how much you love them.

In order to have a happy and healthy relationship, you need to make sure that your partner feels loved and appreciated. Generally, people tend to believe that demonstrating your love means thinking of a grand, romantic gesture. In reality, your partner does not really need something big and complicated to make them feel special. Small, simple acts of love and kindness are enough to show them how much they mean to you.

There are 7 simple things you can do to make your partner feel loved.

1. Write them little love notes

Leave little sticky notes on your partner’s desk or in between the pages of their book to surprise them and make them smile. Just a simple “I love you” can make their entire day.

2. Be creative when cheering them up 

If you see that your partner is feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, think of a way to cheer them up. Be there to listen, offer a helping hand, and a shoulder to cry on. After they have said all they have to say, get creative. For example, make (or order) their favorite food, build a cozy fort out of bedsheets, snuggle up to watch their favorite movie, or anything else that you know will make them happy and take their mind off their problems.

3. Be spontaneous 

After dating for a long time, things might begin to feel monotonous. Remind your partner of just how much fun you two can have. Plan something spontaneous to bring the excitement back into your relationship. This can be going for a road trip, signing up for a couple’s dance class, or anything else.

4. Surprise them with a hug or kiss

Sometimes, a hug is enough to brighten up your day. Try hugging your partner when they least expect it and you will see how much of a difference it can make. Alternatively, try giving them a kiss while they are reading, working, or just watching TV. These simple things can make them feel so special.

5. Remind them how attractive they are

When you have been together for a while, you might stop flirting with each other. To keep the romance alive and make your partner feel special, you need to remind them of just how attractive you think they are. Everybody wants to feel desired by the one they love.

6. Live in the moment

Remember (and then remind your partner) of how beautiful life can truly be. Make every moment special – even if it is something as simple as going to the grocery store. You can turn every outing into a date just by appreciating the fact that you are together.

7. Take care of them and say “I love you”

To show someone how much they mean to you, you need to show them that you care. Be there for them in the same way that they are there for you. Say “I love you” and show it often.

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