7 signs you have a strong personality that people find intimidating

Many people feel intimidated and threatened by those who have strong personalities.

A genuinely strong personality is something that very few people possess. Many pretend to be strong and confident, thinking that nobody will notice that deep down they are insecure and afraid. Moreover, those who pretend are often those who feel intimidated and threatened by people who do have strong personalities. People with genuine strength are rare and they are incredibly easy to spot as they radiate positivity, self-confidence, and security. Are you one of them?

There are 7 signs that you have a genuinely strong personality.

1. You do not seek attention

Strong people who know their worth do not seek or crave validation from other people. They are comfortable and secure with themselves; for this reason, they struggle to understand why so many people insist on being liked by others.

2. You cannot be pressured

Many people are often pressured into doing something or pretending to be somebody they are not just so that they can get approval and fit in. Those with strong personalities do not succumb to pressure as they never seek the approval of others and do not worry about fitting in.

3. You pick your friends carefully

You value honesty, kindness, and loyalty. Therefore, you ensure that you only surround yourself with people who exhibit and possess these qualities. You do not make time for untrustworthy and toxic people.

4. You hate small talk

Small talk seems meaningless to people who have strong personalities. They do not see the use in talking about the weather or their coworker’s weekend plans. Instead, they prize deep and meaningful conversations which allow them to form connections with the people around them.

5. You are a good listener

People with strong personalities do not steal the spotlight or talk about their own problems when somebody else is struggling. When people confide in you, you encourage them to share their pain as you listen and offer them a shoulder to cry on. More importantly, you do everything you can to understand them and help them.

6. You do not put up with excuses

Although you are willing to give people a second chance, you do not let them mistreat you more than once. Strong people do not have the time or patience to put up with excuses and lies. They simply distance themselves and move on.

7. You are not afraid of a challenge

People who radiate strength are constantly seeking to develop their character. This means that they frequently step out of their comfort zone and face challenges that help them grow.

If you could relate to the above seven characteristics, you are one of the few people who have genuine strength and confidence. 

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