7 Defining Signs That Your STRONG PERSONALITY Makes Others Feel Intimidated

A strong personality is something a lot of people find intimidating.

In a society where weakness and insecurity have sadly become the norm, it is natural for many people to be intimidated and resentful towards those who stand above the herd.

And those few people who possess a truly strong personality are the very people we should all learn from. They emit the powerful confidence many of us wish we could have, and they do not fear to show what they’re made of.

Here are 7 defining characteristics of strong personality traits that can not be shaken down by the insecurities of others.

1. You have the ability to read others quickly

You wield an extremely powerful intuition, and you form accurate judgements of people in a matter of moments after you meet them.

People who are ignorant, dishonest, and bigoted cannot mask their true nature from you – and it drives them crazy.

You do not hold back on calling out rotten behaviour when you see it and are more than capable of putting toxic people in their place.

2. You’re not an attention seeker

You may very well come across as a person who craves to be the centre of attention. But, the truth is, people are drawn to you naturally due to your personality. They admire your openness and honesty. They love being around you.

3. You are decisive

You consider your options with care, but you don’t waste so much time thinking about every little detail that you get paralyzed when it comes to making a decision. You have faith in your own gut feeling to make the right choice and find it frustrating to see others wasting precious time overthinking.

In your eyes, boldness holds immense wisdom and taking action rather than waiting for the approval of everyone around you is the way to go.

4. You are no fan of small talk

Due to your strong will and knowing exactly what you want out of life, small talk can seem like a time-wasting nightmare.

Chit-chatting for the sake of it is a pointless endeavour in your eyes. It is also a waste of time for others, but they don’t seem to realize it.

You have walked away from many dull and boring conversations, and it makes people quite uncomfortable seeing you act this way if you aren’t being delicate about it.

5. You have a low tolerance for stupidity

Your open-minded character and ability for critical thinking means that ignorant and stupid people truly get on your nerves.

You might sometimes be catching yourself thinking, “Why wouldn’t they read a book every now and then?” or “Such ignorance just can’t be excused!”

Even though you are a polite and usually patient person, you spend no more time than truly necessary with people who cannot enrich you intellectually.

6. You don’t accept excuses

You stick to your promises and always go through with them while expecting others to do the same. So when a person commits to something and subsequently starts making all kinds of excuses as to why it cannot be done, you have zero patience for it. You don’t treat those around you like fools and you expect them to not treat you as on either.

7.  You are highly selective when it comes to who you let into your life

Knowing how inconsistent people are these days, you are extremely careful with who let into your life. You would rather have one true friend than 100 fake friends. That is exactly why you only have a select number of people you trust and you are more than happy with them.

When it comes down to friendships in life, quantities are just a waste of time.

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