10 signs your personality is so deep and intense that it’s intimidating others

Have you ever had suspicions that your colleagues, friends, or even members of your family are sometimes struck by the strength of your personality?

If you are the type of person who knows their personality inside out, always fulfills their commitments, and does not believe in following the herd, others may find you somewhat intimidating.

Does all this sound familiar to you?

If it does, you most likely earn the respect of other people – but they may also be a little bit scared at times.

Here are signs your personality is so deep and intense that it is intimidating to others.

1. You admit your faults

When shove comes to push, you value honesty above everything else. Furthermore, if the situation calls for it, you will have an uncomfortable conversation to make sure that you get your point across straight away and put the truth out there. After all, if the truth stays concealed, what do you have? You must, however, keep in mind that not everyone is ready to hear the truth.

2. You have a knack for reading people

Your intuition is strong, and you have the ability to form spot-on impressions of others within moments after meeting them.

Ignorant, dishonest, and arrogant people cannot hide behind a mask from you – and this makes them feel uneasy.

You are not hesitant to call a spade a spade when you see it and are more than capable of putting obnoxious individuals in their place.

3. You ask a lot of questions

As you want to understand things to a greater extent, you are inquisitive. You ask many questions in order to get to the bottom of the issues at hand.

You also like to know more details about the people around you, so you ask them a lot of questions. However, you must understand that when people are not willing to answer, you should not feel offended.

4. You know what you want

You know what you’re after and thus can get the ball rolling faster. This means that you will naturally leave many people in the dust.

When you speak your mind you are able to achieve those goals and that can make others quite uncomfortable; especially when they are comparing their own lives to yours.

5. Where others see problems, you see solutions

While others are running around like headless chickens, worrying about the end of the world, you are where you need to be, getting things done.

You can see a problem from a hundred miles away and map your own path to success within minutes.

6. You are not afraid of intimacy

It is shocking how many people in today’s world claim to be aware of how important intimacy is and then cower away from it completely when the opportunity presents itself. You, on the other hand, understand that intimacy comes in different forms, and each is necessary in its own way including not only on a romantic level but also when it comes to friendship and family. This includes actions as simple as a hug or even a pat on the back.

7. You often find yourself in the minority

Due to your pride in being an independent thinker, it is likely that from time to time you find yourself alone in your opinions.

People with low self-esteem are intimidated by you because they do not understand what it’s like to be someone who validates him or herself instead of constantly looking for the approval of others.

In addition, you’ll hardly be surprised to learn that intelligent people also find it uncomfortable to be in your presence, because they soon realize your IQ exceeds their own by far.

8. You are a creature of habit and discipline

Consistency and schedules are your closest friends, helping you craft a clear and solid foundation upon which you can build your life. You like knowing what to expect and how you should prepare yourself for any scenario. Surprises are of no interest to you.

9. You are not jealous

For you, it does not matter what others have.

You are aware of the fact that the money and status of others do not affect your own chances of success, so you don’t waste your time with envy.

When you congratulate other people on their achievements, you truly mean it.

Your ability to concentrate solely on your own goals and future can be surprising to others, especially if they happen to be of the envious or bitter type themselves.

10. You desire meaningful relationships

As someone with a deep personality, you expect from others to make the same efforts for you as you do for them, but you will soon be disappointed when you discover that many people only give the impression of being “deep on the surface” and that it isn’t easy for them to keep up with you in that regard.

You will immediately know when a good relationship finds its way into your life because you won’t feel forced and you’ll feel like you can be yourself.

Do you fall into this category of personality? Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you enjoyed the read. 

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