6 toxic behaviors you should absolutely stay away from

Every day we meet, work, and even live with toxic people.

They have the destructive power to suck every last bit of your energy out of you. This nasty habit of theirs can affect both your happiness and your wellbeing.

Toxic people can increase your sense of self-doubt, and make you question your own worth. By undermining your qualities and your accomplishments, they make you feel unworthy of your own successes. This way, they can extremely damage your mental health. Therefore, you might become the bitter, pathetic person they made you believe you are.

This needs to stop. If you want to protect yourself from the horrific impact of such disgraceful people, here are 6 toxic behaviors you must never tolerate.

1. Lack of empathy.

Empathy is something toxic people don’t have in their system. They have no idea how to be compassionate. In fact, they have no intention to be. These obnoxious individuals are incapable of showing even a little bit of humanity. A person who loves no one but themselves is not someone you need in your life.

2. Gaslighting.

This is one of the most unworthy behaviors toxic people have. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that makes you completely blind to see the reality. Gaslighters often make their victims question themselves so much they even lose their sanity. They start doubting every single thought and feeling they have. This makes them weak enough to be easily manipulated.

3. Scapegoating.

Immature, self-centered people rarely take responsibility for their mistakes. These egocentric creatures think they can hurt your feelings numerous times without facing any consequences. They don’t feel the need to apologize or take the blame when they are in the wrong. Instead, they’ll do anything to blame you for their actions. They have mastered the evil art of manipulation, which makes them skilled enough to make you believe you are the reason for their failure. Be aware of suchlike people around you, or you might become someone’s scapegoat without realizing it.

4. Focusing on your imperfections.

Toxic people have the disturbing habit of constantly pointing out someone’s flaws. This is perhaps the most obvious indicator of a person’s toxicity. They are the happiest when they have the chance to point out your insecurities, fears, and imperfections. What’s more, they are dying to tell somebody about your humiliations and your mistakes. This kind of negative energy is what drives their evil spirits. Have in mind that people who genuinely love and respect you will never do such indecent thing to you.

5. High sense of control.

These narcissistic people will do anything to be in control of the situation. They go crazy when they aren’t pulling the strings. But when they are in the leading positions, they will never let you express your thoughts or your beliefs, unless they are exactly like theirs. In case you somehow manage to take the word, they will intentionally ignore you, and continue doing whatever they wanted to in the first place. If your mind is as fragile as they think it is, this will make you doubt your own perceptions, which is exactly what toxic people want.

6. Constant radiation of negative energy.

You should never tolerate people who are constantly radiating negative energy. This is not only absolutely annoying but also extremely harmful for your mental health. The negativity these people emit can suck every little happy thought you might have left in your mind. If you want to protect your own wellbeing, and your happiness, stay away from people who constantly bring their negativism out.

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