5 signs you attract toxic people because you too are toxic

Do you ever ask yourself why everyone you meet seems to be toxic?

After being betrayed and abused by numerous romantic partners, fake friends, and toxic coworkers, you might have started wondering if there is something wrong with you. You look around and ask yourself how come everyone around you seems to be in fulfilling relationships and meaningful friendships. It seems unfair and it feels frustrating, devastating, and heartbreaking. Unfortunately, constantly finding yourself surrounded by toxic energy could signal that there are things you need to change internally. Taking this idea further, we tend to attract the energy that we reflect. This means that if you are always reflecting positivity, you will attract similar people. If, on the other hand, your energy tends to be negative, you might be a magnet for toxic people.

There are 5 signs that you possess negative, toxic energy:

1. You never feel content

No matter how hard you try to be happy, something always seems to be missing. You do not know why you always search for something more but you constantly feel overwhelmed by the idea that you are missing out. For this reason, you feel like you are never content.

2. You are a jealous person

Taking the previous point further, you are never satisfied with what you have. You always want more and often get jealous when those around you have something that you want. In turn, this makes you feel even more unhappy as you become certain that you are not enough.

3. You cannot let the past go

The past significantly influences your present and you cannot move on. You hold grudges and cannot find it in yourself to forgive people who have wronged you. More importantly, you cannot focus on being thankful for what you currently have because you are always thinking of the past.

4. You take things personally

If you allow every joke and every sarcastic comment to offend you, you will never be happy. What is more, this behavior is likely to push people away. Learn how to take yourself less seriously in order to make room for more positive feelings.

5. You are pessimistic

If you struggle to see the good things in your life, you will always think that everything around you is insufficient. Learning how to look at the world through a more positive lens can change your entire life. Counting your blessings and appreciating what you have will make you happier than you can imagine.

When you become a more positive person, your energy will change. Subsequently, you will begin to attract kind-hearted, generous, and loving people. 

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