Your Anxiety Couldn’t Push The Right Person Away

Your anxiety could chase away someone only if they aren’t for you.

People who aren’t meant for you could not understand if you often want confirmation of their feelings. Asking for reassurance whether they love you or not might make a temporary person in your life feel uncomfortable about your relationship. They could get nervous and angry because in their eyes you make a problem out of everything.

While at the same time you’ve been feeling stressed because your anxiety is tearing you alive. And if you open up to them about these feelings, about the things that scare you and make you nervous, they might not understand. They probably won’t. They could think that you’ve just been overreacting and taking everything too serious.

The wrong person couldn’t understand why you cancelled your plans

They couldn’t understand how you feel and why you cancelled the meeting at the last minute. Or why you told them you couldn’t come while you promised to. When you behave like this temporary people could blame you for these situations. They might even decide that you are not quite suitable for a relationship.

The wrong person couldn’t love you

The wrong person might make you feel as if you’re not someone who could be loved. And this just because you suffer from anxiety. They could make you doubt if you really need to grow up. Whether you’re not being selfish. They could even make you detest yourself. They could bring out your biggest insecurities.

The right person could see your anxiety differently

But, your forever person, won’t feel this way about your anxiety. They should be supportive of your condition and will try to do their best to help you go through this. They most probably would try to walk in your shoes and see the world as you do.

The right person shouldn’t judge you

When you feel like if you need to be on your own, they won’t be judging you. They could understand that you need some time on your own. So, when you leave the house for a day or two, your forever person won’t blame you. They should be waiting for you to come home. And should be even happier than before when you do.

The right person should be supportive

When they see you aren’t OK, they should ask you what the problem is. They won’t be taking your emotions for you instead of acting like your emotions are a nuisance to them. Whenever you feel nervous, no matter why they should motivate you and give you a good advice. The right one for you should tell you a few kind words whenever you need support. They should make you feel stronger, not weaker. They shouldn’t push you out of your comfort zone just because they need it. Your forever person shouldn’t force you into doing anything you’re not OK with. Your happiness should be theirs as well and they should work hard to help you feel happy and safe.

The right person could not be chased away

Your anxiety is not going to push the right person away. They will always stay by your side, despite the fact that there might be days when you feel nervous and stressed. They shouldn’t take your condition as a problem. Just the other way round! They could even be seeing it as a blessing. Something that makes you stick even closer to each other. The right person for you might hate your anxiety as the others before did. However, it’s not going to be because you make them nervous Not at all. Your forever person will care about you. They’ll feel your pain and e should try to help you. They just could never accept that you feel stressed or insecure.

And the reason for all this is one. It’s called LOVE!

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