Women who stay single for long periods of time tend to be the happiest

It is a misconception that single women are lonely, unhappy, and in need of a relationship.

More often than not, women who are single for long periods do so because they choose to. These women prioritize themselves, their careers, and their goals over finding romantic partners and relationships; as a result, they are likely to end up being happier and more fulfilled. Mary Wright, a writer for The Power of Silence, lists three reasons why women who remain single for large periods of time end up being the happiest:

1. They know who they are – and they love it. 

When you spend years alone with yourself and your thoughts, you come to a clear understanding of who you are, what you need, and what you want in life. These women do not fear solitude and in fact, they enjoy spending time with themselves. Being comfortable with who you are and taking care of yourself by spending time alone is vital. By mastering this, these women ensure that when they do meet someone who they would consider dating, they will not feel the need for constant validation and reassurance.

2. They prioritize their goals and dreams. 

Spending time alone, being well aware of who you are, and what you want in life means that you can work on figuring out how to accomplish your goals. Wright explains that these women ‘know what they want and what is important to them, so they go for it’. What is more, she calls them the ‘go-getters of the world’ as they are passionate, ambitious, and devoted to their dreams. Working on – and eventually achieving – your goals allows you to be happy with your life.

3. They do not think of finding love as their one purpose.

Women who are single for long periods of time and devote their time to the aforementioned points do not have time to worry about finding love. This does not mean that they do not want to find it but rather that they have other priorities and know that finding a relationship is not their only purpose. When they do eventually date, their partners tend to be strong and supportive individuals: they are not afraid of their success and drive. Instead, they find them inspirational and admire their independence. In other words, the partner they end up with is one who will only add more happiness to the life they already love.

Ultimately, these strong women are some of the happiest people.

When you know that you are comfortable with everything that you are and that all of your success is owed to nobody else but you, it is not surprising that you will feel content, happy, and satisfied with the life you lead. Happiness is found within oneself and for this reason, those who search for happiness in their partners instead of in themselves can never be as happy as a woman who is true to herself and her goals.

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