16 Extraordinary Things The Happiest Of People Do Every Day.

Happiness cannot be bought, traded or acquired, it’s cultivated within.

Here are 15 extraordinary things the happiest of people do every day:

1. They wake up knowing that every new day is a chance to start fresh.

2. They don’t loo at their phone first thing in the morning, they look outside and greet the world with a smile.

3. When they are out in public and make eye contact with someone, they either greet them or compliment them with no motivation other than being nice.

4. They don’t allow the little things in life to irritate them. They feel it and then let it go.

5. When out sightseeing they make time to absorb the beauty with their eyes because they know there will always be a time for pictures later.

6. They make time for reading whether it be articles or books. They love engaging their mind in something other than their phone or the TV.

7. They don’t bottle their emotions, they allow themselves to feel what ever it may be that they are feeling and then they let it go.

8. They know that wanting something doesn’t make you entitled to it.

9. They take regular breaks from the internet.

10. They make time for nature, meaning that at least twice a week they spend time in the forest or at the beach.

11. They know that if you screw up or hurt someone’s feelings you must own up and apologise.

12. They listen to their body. Example, they eat when they are hungry, or go to bed when they are tired. They never force themselves to do anything that feels unnatural.

13. They have manners, they say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

14. They perform small acts of kindness like, giving up their seat on the bus for someone who is standing, or letting someone go first in the line or buying a homeless person a small lunch and they never ever, boast about these acts of kindness.

15. They count their blessing everyday. Being grateful is one of the simplest tricks to remaining happy.

And last but not least:

16. They search for the joy in all the small things like a warm cup of tea in winter, or putting warm socks when your feet are cold, the way the sun catches the autumn leaves and sitting on patios with your loved one watching a sunset. They know that in the end its the small things in life that add up.

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