Why THIS one word is so dangerous for your mind. Choose your words wisely!

What is the one word that can tremendously affect both the one who says it and the one who hears it?

This simple two-lettered expression can trigger tons of anxiety-related emotions. It can make you lose all logic and forget everything you know. This terrifying word is “NO”.

But why do we find it so challenging to say or hear the word “NO” sometimes? 

In general, vocalizing negativity releases stress chemicals not only in the one expressing it but also in the one witnessing it. As per Psychology Today, even if someone struggling with severe anxiety only sees a list of negative words for a few seconds, this can make them feel even worse. Moreover, it can disrupt their sleep, appetite, and ability to experience long-term happiness.

This unfortunate phenomenon can be seen in those who spend their time with negative people as well. When you’re in the company of a pessimistic person, who constantly complains about everything, you eventually start looking at the negative side of things as well. Sometimes this can even affect the way you perceive others.

What negative thinking does to your mind is stimulating the release of destructive neurochemicals. Simply put, the more negative thoughts you have, the more likely you are to suffer a mental health issue. However, the very same thing goes for positive thinking. If you strive to focus on the bright side of things, you can turn not only your mindset but your whole life around.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the more we engage in negative dialogues and situations, the harder it gets to let go

As a matter of fact, there is a disturbing correlation between anger-infused words and rationality in people. If you are emotionally invested while saying hurtful words, your brain will receive alarming signals which interfere with its decision-making hubs. In other words, emotions like anger, jealousy, and frustration can make you act completely irrational.

Furthermore, the situation with phrases that provoke fear is quite similar. Certain parts of the brain get negatively stimulated and make you worry about circumstances that occur only in your imagination. This explains why people coping with anxiety are prone to toxic overthinking.

However, the fact that certain things trigger negative emotions does not mean you can’t fight it. There are quite a few things you can do to shift your mentality.

What steps do you need to take to stop negativity from controlling your mind? 

According to Andrew Newberg, M.D., and Mark Robert Waldman, authors of the book “Words Can Change Your Brain”, there are several things you could do to overcome this. To begin with, you need to question yourself whether the stressful situation you believe you are in is a real threat to your survival. In most cases, it is not. The faster you realize this, the faster you will be able to break the chains of negativity.

The next thing you could do is to reframe the negative thoughts by choosing to focus on positive words and images. This way, the number of toxic thoughts, especially the unconscious ones, will decrease. What is more, anxiety and depression levels will be significantly reduced.

As soon as you feel your stress levels decreasing, you can try to turn your worries into positive affirmations. This is low key a superpower that helps you acknowledge your feelings and control your emotions. Once you master it, your confidence will regain, and you will remind yourself what it’s like to feel good in your own skin. Adopting the practice of sending positive affirmations to the universe is a crucial step on the road to self-acceptance and happiness.

Choosing your words wisely can not only influence your mental health but your whole life. 

Experts advise that the mere repetition of positive words like love, peace, and compassion will turn on specific genes that lower your physical and emotional stress. Therefore, when you are carefully using your words, you can easily control your mind. A little something you could try is saying at least five positive affirmations for every negative thought that crosses your mind. This is a practice that allows you to clear all the negative thoughts away and embrace positivity. You will soon feel the tremendous shift in your mindset.

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