Why Alpha women deal with breakups differently than others

Alpha women have an unreal mental strength and a unique magnetism that often puts them in the center of attention.

These stunning females know what they want from life, and they definitely have their ways of getting it. But even though they seem to have it all figured out, their genuine hearts are not immune to deceiving love.

Winning over an alpha women’s heart is not easy.

Breaking it is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

Since an alpha lady is used to dealing with all challenges life brings her on her own, her independence often intimidates others. However, her soul is shaped to always seek the good in people. She constantly aspires to bring the best versions of everyone around her. This delicate part of her personality can be both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a curse because this amazing woman sometimes gives her heart to people who are not worthy of her. These beings don’t deserve her love, but the goodness in her doesn’t let her see this. But once she realizes she is wasting her time loving someone who was never truly genuine with her, she bravely walks away without looking back.

Alpha women deal with breakups differently than others.

They never fall into traps, such as stressing over someone’s rejection or regretting their decision to let go. They never settle for partners who undermine their achievements and make them feel horrible about themselves only to avoid the judgment of others. Besides, they are not afraid to walk away from whatever and whoever doesn’t serve them anymore. This powerful quality of theirs is not an act of selfishness, but of self-respect.

Women with alpha personalities are intelligent enough to know that sometimes things are not meant to work out the way they wish them to. If someone doesn’t want to be a part of their lives anymore, they wouldn’t fight it. And if someone decides they are not the one for them, they wouldn’t blame it all on themselves and wonder what went wrong. Instead, they would respectfully say their final goodbye and leave.

These awe-inspiring individuals are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. For them, moving on after a breakup is a chance to finally focus their energy on their personal growth. This gives them the opportunity to invest more time in doing the things that help them move forward and being around the people they unconditionally love.

The alpha woman has an impressively high level of self-awareness.

That’s one of the main reasons she manages to stay sane during and after breakups. You will never see her trying to win back the one who couldn’t appreciate her love in time. She will never let herself be in the role of the desperate woman who calls her ex at 2 am and begs them to come over. Instead, she will be the one who gets over the person who broke her heart. She will be the one who moves on gracefully while proudly holding her head high. 

She knows what she has to offer, she is well aware of her self-worth, and she never loses faith that someone better will eventually knock on her door. 

The real alpha female would rather walk away from a person she deeply cares for, than stay in a toxic relationship.

And while she knows she would be perfectly fine on her own, she still realizes that a life without love is not a life worth living. That’s why whatever she does, whichever height she conquers, she always does it with a heart full of love and a soul full of hope. 

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