When she says it’s over, there is nothing you could do to change her mind

When it comes to love, every authentic woman can be awfully forgiving and patient with the person who hurts her.

But there is always a breaking point.

She tolerates, she accepts, she shows tremendous amounts of empathy. Until she no longer sees the point in trying to understand why she isn’t being appreciated. And once she’s done dealing with all this emotional trauma, she’s done for good. There is no way she would change her mind.

Still, even when her heart is broken, this compassionate woman is able to see goodness in the eyes of the person who hurt her.

Because this exceptional woman loves deeply and passionately. She invests her whole being into her relationships. What’s more, she gives every last bit of her energy into making her partner feel cherished. But sometimes, her efforts are not appreciated. And even though she does everything in her power to justify the actions of the one who mistreats her, she has her limits.

When this genuine woman loses her patience, it’s over.

The second she feels unwanted, she stops trying. That’s right! She won’t beg, she won’t ask for attention, and she definitely won’t try to fix what’s obviously broken. She will just walk away and move on with her life, without even thinking about looking back.

Once someone crosses her boundaries, after all the compromises she has made, she will immediately cut this person off of her life.

When her patience wears thin, she would swallow the pain, look the one who hurt her and didn’t appreciate her straight in the eyes, and simply say “Goodbye”.

And this will be the last thing she would tell them because she respects herself too much to let someone walk over her.

Yes, this woman may be forgiving and empathetic, but she is not stupid. On the contrary, she is not only smart and sharp-minded, but she is also emotionally intelligent. She knows when there is still something to fight for, and when it’s time to draw the line. And she can easily sense when she is no longer needed and loved.

The moment she feels unwelcome or someone treats her disrespectfully, she will stop trying.

She still knows there is always kindness deep down in every person’s heart, but she also knows that her love is rare and should be appreciated. Otherwise, she’s not with the right person. Because the right one will never make her feel unwanted, undesired, and uncomfortable in her own skin.

The great thing about her is that she knows she deserves better. She is aware of her self-worth. That’s exactly why she wouldn’t hesitate to leave if someone doesn’t appreciate her. And she would never regret her decision of walking away because she knows that this is the best thing she could do for her own wellbeing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it will be easy for her to let go of someone she deeply loved. Her heart will be broken into a million pieces, and her soul will be crushed. She will need time to detach herself completely from this person. But she will keep moving on, for the sake of her own mindfulness and self-growth.

And sooner than she believes, she will be grateful she made this hard decision of walking away.

Because she would be walking away not only from the person who hurt her, but also from all the drama, toxicity, and negativity that fueled this person’s intentions. She will thank herself for finally recognizing she needs someone who is able to treat her the kindhearted way she treats the people she loves. And she shouldn’t settle for anything less.

She deserves the love she gives. We all do.

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