6 Things to Keep in Mind When Life Knocks You Down

life knocks you down
Despite our best efforts, there are going to be times when we find ourselves flat on our proverbial asses. Life is just funny like that. Sometimes it is by no fault of our own, and sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Whatever the circumstances may be, the most functional response to getting knocked down is to get back up.

Trust me, I know how simple that sounds. It can be so much easier to just flail around like a wounded fish, but we all know that doing so gets you nowhere.

If you find yourself looking up a life, reeling from a fall, here are 6 things to keep in mind while you dust yourself off and get back up:

Be Realistic

When you get rattled, it is easy to make mountains out of molehills. Don’t blow your situation out of proportion simply because you were caught off-guard by whatever life has thrown at you. A housecat jumping out from under a bed can be as terrifying as a lion bursting from savannah grass if you aren’t expecting it, but that doesn’t mean the housecat can eat you. Life is all about perception, and perception is reality. Keep that perception in balance and move forward from the issues that present themselves.

Be Postive

Attitude is the only thing in life that you realistically have 100% control over. You choose what affects you and what doesn’t, no matter how simplistic that sounds. Keeping your chin up is the key to getting back to your feet. Take life as it comes.

Maintain Integrity

Don’t drop down to the level of the things in life that bring you down, especially the people that bring you down. It can be easy to become spiteful and vindictive, but at that point you lose touch with who you are.

Maintain Vision

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Get the notion out of your head that it is a train, and move forward. Falling along the way is part of the journey, not the end of the trip.

Have Faith

You’ve got to believe that you can get where you want to be. You’ve got to maintain the belief that no matter how it may seem, the universe isn’t stacked against you. What you put into the universe, you will get back in return.

Have Guts

Don’t be scared of life. We are all going to hit the concrete at some point, sometimes even hard enough to bounce. That doesn’t mean that you need to be afraid to do it again. The minute you quit moving forward, you quit living.

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