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Six Habits of Very Happy Couples

Maintaining a good relationship is hard. A happy, healthy partnership may get started easily enough, but that joyful honeymoon phase can pass all too quickly. Most truly blissful marriages are built on years of hard work. Thankfully,…

10 Essentials to Bring on a Road Trip

I love long road trips. Though a glance out my window today still shows Spring in the Rockies, a mix of rain and light snow, or, “snizzle”,  it’s not too soon to plan for summer travel.   And, like most of us,  when I feel safe, I feel…

We Have 10X More Memory Than We Knew

Recent research co-authored by Kristin Harris, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Texas, Austin, unveiled a stunning increase in our brain’s memory capacity. By a cautious  factor of 10,  human memory’s new size  puts it in…

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