10 Things To Understand When Loving An Introvert

10 Things To Understand When Loving An Introvert

Are you an introvert? Perhaps you are in a relationship with someone you consider introverted?
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Introverts are delicate souls that hunger for love as much as the rest of us, we are all the same, but we all love differently. Here are some insights as to how introverts view love and relationships.

Introverts need quiet time with those they love.

They are quiet, but the voice in their heads are very loud. They think a lot and need headspace for that process. Sometimes loving them is simply respecting the quiet they need to function. They don’t need the air full of words to feel love. They just need their lovers with them, quietly there allowing them to be authentic. They love to enjoy simple, quiet time together with their partners by their side.
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Introverts can step out of their comfort zone for love.

Yes it’s true, they can stretch and be more extroverted for brief periods of time. They only do so for people who truly mean the world to them. So when they agree to go to the large wedding party with their partners, they would love if their partner could balance that gift. The next day they may need time to recharge in solitude afterwards, and having support for that time will make them more willing to step out of their comfort zone again.

Introverts only unlock their hearts for the most special of souls.

If they have picked you they have already determined you’re worth the risk. They have chosen you as one of the few worthy of letting see our inner self. This leaves us vulnerable, but some people are worth that risk. Be honoured and respect that gift.

Introverts deeply value listening.

Really listening to them is showing them you love them. They always think before they speak and so should you. So if they have expressed something to you, know to us it is 100% true. They don’t take words lightly. When they communicate something important know that they have spent time beforehand considering their message carefully. Introverts are very good listeners and love to have that same respect returned in kind.

Introverts aren’t really distant when it comes to love, (though often it may seem it).

Loving an introvert may make you feel a tiny bit like an outsider in their little world. They are like their own little universe of being. Once you are granted deep connection, know that never goes away for them. They are often just up in their heads. They are just thinking, processing, turning life over in constant examination. It’s just part of who they are.
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Introverts often fall in love with extroverts.

They admire and envy extroverts at the same time. They are in awe of the extroverts ability to woo others, and charm the room, they are wowed at the ease at which they seem to relate with strangers. It is part of why they are attracted to them. But it is also a little threatening to them. They see in extroverts something they know they can’t be, and they worry that the extrovert partner will grow bored of their quiet spirits.

It’s best to let an introvert think before you argue with them.

Quite simply they need time to work things out in their heads first. They like to choose their words with care. Just diving into a reactive fight to is not going to work well for an introvert. Often when they go along with hashing it out before they are ready , they can end up imploding. If they can process things first, they can then talk about exactly where they stand in an authentic way.

Introverts long to be understood.

They depend on those they love to understand them. Sometimes they do stay in their own heads far too long and tend to over-think many things. Being in love with someone who understands these things about them helps them reach out more often. When they are ready to get out of their heads their and their partners are still there for them can make them feel really seen.

Introverts love to have fun.

Just because they don’t gain energy from large gatherings doesn’t mean they don’t love to laugh and have a blast. Introverts have sharp witty humor that reveals itself when they are with people they trust. A quiet spirit doesn’t mean boring by any means.

Introverts love to know you are happy.

They know they are different, or at least they feel different than others. They don’t expect everyone to be just like them, or enjoy the same things. They want to make their partners happy. It is a balance of taking turns and giving to each other without surrendering more than either has to give. They want to know they are doing their part to meet their partners needs and that they make them happy.

Introverts are some of the most loyal, supportive, uplifting, peaceful souls on earth. Introvert and extrovert alike we have a lot to learn from each other if we communicate with openness, love and a better understanding of each other.

Are you dating an introvert? How is is for you? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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