Boyfriends Can Be Best Friends Too. 8 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Your Best Friend.

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. They are the people that no matter what is happening around you make you feel like you’re home. Someone you can trust and count on, any time of the day.

Your partner is someone who you spend a great deal of time with and if you can’t consider them a friend or best friend then its possible that your relationship is lacking some vital elements.

Boyfriends can be the best of friends because they know a side of you that other friends don’t. This is because your boyfriend knows you on an intimate and emotional level. A side that other friends very rarely get to see.

Sharing a deep friendship connection with your boyfriend is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Here are 8 signs that indicate you have more than a normal relationship with your boyfriend:

1. You Hardly Ever Argue The Small Stuff

Arguing about small things is not apart of your relationship because you both know that its a waste of time and energy. You both have a deeper understanding that communication is key and if something irritates you, its best to talk about it in a calm manner rather than having a huge blow out.

2. You Are Really Comfortable With Each Others Weirdness

Being comfortable with each others weirdness is a bonus because it allows you the freedom to be exactly who you are with no boundaries and restraints. He doesn’t judge you and actually encourages you to be the full weirdo that you are.

3. You Are Super Comfortable With Being Completely Natural Around Him

He makes you feel completely safe and comfortable, allowing you to be your natural self, always. The need to wear make around him falls away because he finds you absolutely beautiful without it. In fact, he encourages you not to wear makeup because in his eyes it takes away from your natural beauty.

4. No Matter What You Always Have Fun Together

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you are always having heaps and heaps of fun together. Somehow you both seem to brighten each others day just by knowing that you have one another.

5. He Doesn’t Mind Filling In As A Female Best Friend

Meaning, when you’re trying to pick an outfit he’s right there, giving you all the best advice on what suits you and what doesn’t. When you’re emotional about something, even a female matter he’s there with ears to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

6. You Tell Each Other Everything

It doesn’t matter what its about, even if its got to do with female issues, he is completely okay with you sharing it all with him, in fact, he likes the fact that you tell him everything because he cares deeply for you and what’s to be involved and ready to give you support wherever you may need it.

7. He’s Not Just Your Boyfriend, He’s Family

After being together for a while you begin to develop a much deeper bond for your partner, a family kind of bond. This kind of bond is the kind that no matter what happens, he will always remain in your heart as more than just a boyfriend and the best part is that your family see him as a part of the family too.

8. You Trust Him And He Trusts You

The two most important things any relationship needs in order to thrive is communication and trust, without the two the relationship cannot flourish. Luckily, the two of you have an undeniably strong bond which is built on open, clear communication and trust.

You trust him with your every fibre in your being, knowing that because the trust is reciprocated he will always honour you and the relationship he has with you.

When you find your forever boyfriend who also happens to be your best friend, be grateful because not many people have such luck in this lifetime.

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