True Love Only Comes as a Result of True Acceptance

I’d rather argue with you than kiss someone else.

– Unknown

We live in a society where people have become accustomed to changing their partners on a regular basis.

But when you meet the right person in your life, changing them for someone else will be the last thing you’ll ever think of doing.

Sure, life would be much better if we just accepted each other with all our faults, but unfortunately that’s not something we can manage.

However, if you wish to have a fulfilling relationship, you would have to close your eyes on some of your partner’s imperfections. People who want to mold their partners into their own image or control them are incapable of achieving a loving union.

When it comes down to love we must find ways to fit together and make it work, and pushing others to change has never worked and never will work. The people in your circle will never be the people you want them to be and the sooner you face that fact the easier your life will be and the more headaches and heartaches you will save yourself.

True bonds between partners are about acceptance, understanding, and full commitment.

You accept your partner for who they are and as time goes by you start accepting and even appreciating all their little imperfections. Your journey will not always be trouble-free, but you are both in it together, and that will make it much easier to bear.

The sooner you come to accept your partner for who they are the better. They have their own reasons for being the way they are and making sure you understand that instead of making them change themselves is always the wisest way to go. Do so, and in the end you will find that you’ve come to understand each other on a much more profound level.

You can fight through life together without having the same way of thinking.

Having the ability to properly communicate and resolve your problems on such a pure level will make any relationship grow and prosper in more ways than you ever thought possible. The more we contribute to keep this kind of union stable the better of our lives will be.

Rather than making our partner suffer we are able to see past their faults and see them from a place that allows us both to evolve emotionally and spiritually. Yes, there will be things about them that will at times drive you mad, but you will also come to recognize that you yourself are not perfect either.

The more of an open mind you have for these things the quicker you will come to understand acceptance is the only way forward.

We can only evolve as couples by being more understanding towards each other. And once we start doing that, we will be enjoying the fruits of the pure union that is called love.

We hope that this article has helped you think in a clearer way when it comes to your relationships. Let us know your thoughts on the subject by writing us a comment and please share this article if you’ve found it of value.

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