This goes to the girl who doesn’t believe she’s worthy of love

Have you ever experienced the pain of feeling not good enough for the one person whose love and attention you crave?

Have you pushed away people who would do anything for you only to find out that the one you want doesn’t even care? 

This story is as old as the world we live in. You have tons of people in your life who would move mountains to make you happy, but none of that matters. It doesn’t matter because the one your heart wants doesn’t even care about your feelings and makes you feel like you’re never going to be enough.

No matter how many compliments you receive, you still feel as if the beauty everyone says you possess is just an illusion. You hear them claiming your smile is shining brighter than the sun, and your soul has the delicacy of a blooming flower, but something stops you from believing them.  A voice in your head tells you that if these words don’t come from this one person you have feelings for, they have no significant meaning.

You’ve reached a point where you ignore people who truly love and care for you. You neglect the ones who are willing to give you all of the affection and devotion your heart deserves.

This nasty little voice has convinced you you’re not worthy of love, so you don’t believe someone would actually care.

You don’t believe that you have a wonderful personality that everyone adores. It’s incredibly hard for you to see that the ones around you see you as the most precious, intelligent, remarkable person they know. To these people, you are more than enough.

Sadly, your heart desires someone who has no idea how amazing you are. This someone doesn’t appreciate your empathetic soul, your kind heart, and your outstanding mind. They don’t see that captivating beauty everyone else sees. Their ignorance crushes you and makes you feel you don’t deserve to be loved.

But if someone makes you feel so bad about yourself, are they worth it? 

If they are not willing to open up emotionally and let you in their world, are they truly the one? Is their cruel insensitivity worth more than the love others are ready to give you? If they’re not ready to change for you, should you be wasting your precious time on them?

And the most important question of all: Why are you doing this to yourself? 

By letting someone treating you as if you didn’t even matter, you are only hurting yourself. You are exposing your fragile heart to pain it doesn’t deserve. So just stop what you’re doing and let your soul rest.

Give yourself time to rewind and reflect. Take a step back and think about how this person makes you feel about yourself. Remind yourself of all the times you felt worthless in their presence. Think about all the kindhearted people you ignored and let down for the one you thought you cannot live without. Try to recall all the hearts you broke while you were trying to heal yours after this one person shattered it into pieces.

You deserve more than indifference and disregard. Your heart deserves to be in the hands of someone who would never do anything to break it. This someone won’t be afraid to show you their world and will be glad to be a part of yours. They will give anything just to make you smile. And their love will make your soul shine.

Until then, make sure you appreciate the people in your life who are always there for you and cherish every moment they spend with you. Be there for the ones who believe you are more than enough. Because you truly are.

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