Not feeling good enough: 10 tips on how to handle negative emotions

Your emotions overflow your headspace, and you feel completely helpless.

Your mind is full of negative thoughts which drain all of its energy. You feel mentally and physically exhausted. Does this happen often?

The truth is, everyone feels down from time to time. It’s impossible to be constantly cheerful and positive.

That’s why it is crucial for you to learn how to deal with your negative emotions.

Here are a few tips on what to do when you feel depressed and downhearted.

1. Accept the feelings you’re experiencing.

It’s not a secret that admitting something is the first step to overcoming it. If you truly want to overpower or eliminate your negative emotions, you first need to understand why you’re feeling a certain way. Be honest with yourself. Once you acknowledge your feelings, you would be able to take control over them and change them for the better.

2. Recognize the root of your pain.

Next, you need to identify what triggered your sadness. What made you lose hope and feel worthless? Was it someone else’s behavior towards you, or a life event that triggered your anxiety? When you recognize the root, you would be able to easily deal with the emotional pain you’re experiencing.

3. Give yourself a little time.

Oftentimes when you feel low, it’s your body telling you to slow down and give yourself a break. No one is designed to constantly work on their full potential. You might need some time to recharge. Many negative emotions might be triggered by physical or mental exhaustion. So try to spend more time with your friends, read a calming book, or travel more. Your future self will absolutely be grateful to you.

4. Share your issues with someone.

When you talk about your emotional problems with someone, not only you will understand them better, but you will also have the chance to see them through another point of view. Sometimes, all you need is another perspective. So find a friend, a family member, or a therapist who would listen to you and offer you their support.

5. Trust in positive affirmations.

The Universe listens to all of your thoughts, and it sends you back the energy you radiate. That’s why you need to implement more positive affirmations into your headspace. If you have more uplifting and moving thoughts, such as “I am worthy of success.” and “I deserve to be loved.”, you are more likely to believe them. Plus, the more positive affirmations you have, the less negative thoughts you need to deal with.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Your self-worth has nothing to do with others. Besides, the way you feel about yourself shouldn’t be a product of what others say or do. Life is not a competition. Comparing yourself to someone else won’t help you grow in any way. It may even make you feel worse and plant a deep feeling of self-doubt in your mind.

7. Take care of yourself.

When your mind is tired, your body gets exhausted too. In these dark times, make sure you don’t let the negative emotions affect your physical health too. Even when you’re feeling low, make sure you take good care of your body by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and practicing some physical activity on a daily basis. Don’t pressure yourself, but also, don’t take your body for granted.

8. Don’t constantly push yourself to your limits.

You can’t be at your best the whole time. So don’t expect you to be on your best behavior 24/7. This is a surefire way to suffer from burnout. When you’re downhearted, and you feel like you cannot do anything, instead of being hard on yourself for not being productive, just give yourself a little time. It’s okay to slow down for a while in order to take care of your mental health.

9. Be honest with yourself.

In order to keep your emotional health on track, you need to be more honest with yourself. Sometimes, we suffer from the way we exaggerate things. Maybe you’re just making the situation appear worse than it actually is. As difficult as it may be, try to confront yourself, and be brutally honest if you need to.

10. Use the word “yet” more often.

Instead of saying “I can’t do this.”, say “I can’t do this yet.” This will surely change the way you see yourself and will make you believe in your potential. The fact that you’re not good at something doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be great at it if you put a little more effort. This short word will shift your perspective and will motivate you to move forward.

In times when you feel hopeless and unworthy of love, remind yourself nothing in life is permanent, including your pain.

As long as you learn how to deal with your negative emotions, you will be able to take the wheel of your wild mind.

Once you find out how to control your feelings, you will start your journey to a more peaceful, happier life.

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