5 daily things you must start doing now to save your marriage

Is your marriage in shambles? Are you hoping to save it? This article will offer you valuable tips on how to get your marriage back on track.

Every marriage has many problems. But despite that, couples choose to stay in the bond of marriage in order to save the holy matrimony. And as you know, marriage is especially important when there are children in the family.

Hence, it is important to do everything possible to preserve the relationship.

Let us look at five things you must do to save your failing marriage.

1. Praise your partner for something positive they did. Then tell others too. 

When we only look for the negative, that is all we will see, but once we start training our minds and eyes to look for the positive, we will see it too. Look for the things your spouse is doing right and then praise them for it. Compliment them. Thank them for it. Silence your criticisms and enhance the volume of your compliments. And once you tell your spouse, brag about what he or she did to someone else. Post something positive on social media. Praise your partner both in private and in public.

2. If you’re going to fight, fight for love and with love

Most couples fight. Conflicts are part and parcel of every relationship no matter how light they may be. We sometimes mistakenly think that a happy marriage equates to no arguments with your partner. That is a false belief. We need to speak our peace and express our feelings and ideas with each other, and that includes more intense emotions. Strong marriages fight for and with love – love for oneself and for one another.

This means that even when you’re upset, you remain deeply committed to upholding the love and respect for your partner. You take on battle after battle to keep your love vibrant and healthy.

Committing to not cross the line where your actions and words hurt your partner is crucially important. Couples in happy long-term marriages make a habit of self-control. You must fully support each other in the process of commitment.

3. Do something nice for your partner each day, no matter how small

Do something to make his or her day. It might be leaving a short loving note when you leave in the morning, thanking them for all they do for you. It might be picking up their favorite food and dropping it off unexpectedly. It might mean doing something around the house that normally he or she does. It might also be planning an unexpected date to his/her favorite place or something as simple as letting them choose what show to watch on TV.

4. Make time for meaningful conversations

No matter what comes out of it, you need to make time for meaningful conversation and connection. Reserving this special time for each other will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your married life. Whether it is an hour or two cut short due to unexpected circumstances, this time together should become sacred.

Even if you’re traveling out of town, you should show your commitment to this by talking or texting on the phone.

5. Calm yourself before saying something you might regret

When the brain feels threatened, words are used as a shield and a sword. Hurtful words are wielded as emotions run high.

Couples must take time-outs when arguments start getting out of control. This habit can save you a lot of pain and even prevent fights before they even begin to form.

Closeness needs to take priority before being right. Don’t let carelessness trample your mutual trust. You must enhance closeness with restraint, self-calming, and fighting on behalf of love.

If you start doing these things with a positive attitude, there will almost certainly be positive changes in you, your spouse and in your marriage! Start now!

What are the best ways to repair a broken marriage in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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