17 things to remember before falling in love with a sarcastic woman

Sarcastic women are thought-provoking, emotionally intelligent, and quite sassy.

Their great sense of humor makes them even more attractive than they are. Most of all, they know exactly how to mess with you and make you laugh.

These cheeky girls have the awesome ability to compliment you and insult you at the same time. But, of course, they do it in the most adorable way ever. You are blessed if a sarcastic woman falls in love with you.

The following 17 things you must know before dating a sarcastic woman will help you understand her better, and easily get the key to her heart.

1. She will constantly mock you.

But she will do it in the most charming way ever. Don’t take her playfulness too deep. She never means to hurt you.

2. She only seems arrogant.

The truth is, her heart is made of gold. Sarcasm is just her way to look on the positive, funny side of things.

3. She shows her love through sarcastic comments.

That’s just the way she is. Even when she makes fun of you, she’s probably doing it to show you she’s interested in you. If she mocks you on a daily basis, she feels close to you. She only shows her true sarcastic side to people she cares about.

4. She’s not that good at making moves.

In fact, her best move is to tease you until you get the hint she likes you. She hopes you’ll eventually get her sarcastic notes and make the first move.

5. She remembers all the details.

She is a great listener, and she puts effort into remembering the little things. After all, she has to keep her jokes up to date.

6. Her default mode is sarcasm.

Whenever you’re wondering if she’s joking or not, most probably she is. Being sarcastic is her superpower.

7. When she says “I hate you”, she means “I love you“.

This happens mostly when you mock her back and she wants to respond with a clever sarcastic comment, but all she says is “I hate you”. What this means is, you finally gave her from her own medicine, and she truly appreciates it.

8. She will give you some serious sarcastic slaps.

And she will expect you to take it playfully, and not too serious. The better you take her jokes, the more she will love you.

9. Sometimes she goes over the line.

Her jokes sometimes hit too deep. But the moment she says something mean, she truly regrets it. She doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, she just says the truth in a sarcastic way. And sometimes the truth hurts.

10. She hides her emotions.

She uses sarcasm as a shield that hides her emotional side. When she is sad and can’t control her tears anymore, she says she has something in her eye, or she’s allergic to something. That’s because she is afraid to be vulnerable in front of other people, and prefers to hide her feelings, in order to protect herself.

11. She can compliment you and insult you in the same sentence.

This is how she shows affection. She will compliment you, but in a way that won’t make you too cocky about it.

12. She loves it when you are sarcastic too.

She enjoys you making fun of her too, but only when she has great comebacks. Otherwise, she might get a little salty. But she will definitely respect you for beating her at her own game.

13. She has a deep sensitive side.

That’s something she shows only to the one who breaks her shield and wins her trust. When you do, you will see her true nature, her soft heart, and her genuine emotional soul.

14. She may ignore you at first.

Believe it or not, that’s a part of how she flirts. She plays it cool like she doesn’t care, but she makes sure you notice her ignorance. Besides, she needs to see if you’re willing to continue trying to win her attention. She is too proud to show her affection the first time you meet.

15. She hates it when she says something sincere, and you don’t notice.

As you probably know by now, her default mode is sarcasm. However, sometimes people forget she can be serious too, and assume everything she says is a joke. This drives her crazy.

16. She is always genuine.

Even in her jokes, even in her serious moments, she always says exactly what she means. Her best feature is telling you the harsh truth in a sarcastic way, so you get what she says, but you don’t take it too intensely.

17. She is a treasure!

If you had the chance to fall in love with a sarcastic woman, you are definitely a lucky one. Being funny and saying smart-ass comments is not all that she is. This woman is also the most honest person you will ever meet. She loves deeply, she is always real with you, and she knows how to make you laugh. She is truly remarkable!

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