You are not weird, just highly sensitive

You can’t stand crowded places. Sad movies make you cry your eyes out. You are deeply moved by art in all its forms. You are genuinely emotional and sensitive.

Well, you are not alone! Over 20% of the population is genetically prone to empathy and high levels of sensitivity.

Scientifically speaking, being a highly sensitive person means that you have strong emotional reactions to internal and external factors.

Another indication of hypersensitivity is the process of overthinking every piece of information you receive. In particular, highly sensitive individuals respond heavily to social situations that trigger their emotions.

What are the signs of having high sensitivity?

Deeply emotional people are usually the ones who avoid loud and jammed locations. The pressure of being in an unpleasant social situation easily makes them anxious and stressed. After a long day at the office, they need some alone time to recharge. Having several different tasks to finish, completely absorbs their energy. Along with that, they are exclusively empathetic and can sense if someone is feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, they might get quite grumpy if they are hungry or tired. On top of that, decision making is definitely not their superpower.

Perhaps you are touched by the beautiful artwork of a great painter. Maybe your soul starts to flicker by the melody of symphonic music. Or you might get easily irritated by the bright sunlight even on a cloudy day. To a regular person, this type of behavior may seem a bit peculiar. This is only because they don’t have such high levels of tolerance for external stimuli. The difference between ordinary people and those with high sensitivity is that hypersensitive people’s feelings are extremely intense both physically and emotionally.

Why being highly sensitive is good for you?

While in some cases this type of personality may seem like a curse, there are plenty of reasons why being highly sensitive can be good for you. First of all, a highly sensitive person is empathetic and genuinely cares. If they see a friend or a colleague having a hard time, they will beyond doubt offer to help them get over the emotional crisis. They are also amazing at having deep and meaningful conversations about all the things in life. Whenever something is bothering you,  you can always count on them to listen to your problems and to be there for you.

Another of the many highly sensitive people’s qualities is that they are innovative and creative.

This may be a result of the fact that they get inspired by so many things in life and nature which a regular person can never appreciate. They have the ability to see the beauty in everything. Besides, they are incredibly hardworking and they put their soul in everything they do. They are passionate and they light up the room with their enthusiasm. Moreover, delicate people strongly believe their mission is to find the real meaning of life which makes everything they do extraordinary.

Well, are you a highly sensitive person?

If the answer is yes, then you are a part of all the amazing deep-thinking, genuine people who see the world in all its colors. You are a remarkable human being with a delicate mind. So what if you need some more quiet time or you get excited when you see a cute little puppy in the park?

Sure this has its drawbacks,  but it also has many beautiful and unique advantages. Accepting that you are a highly sensitive person is the first step to embracing it and taking better care of yourself. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not weird or crazy. You are wonderful just the way you are!

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