5 crucial things to know about healing a toxic relationship

At one point or another, we can all stumble into a toxic relationship.

When friendship becomes toxic, people normally walk away from each other’s lives. When we’re dealing with a toxic family member we find ways to deal with the situation, avoid them entirely, or a mixture of both. But what if a romantic relationship becomes toxic? It is certainly much harder to avoid or cut ties with the one you love than it is with an irritating friend or relative. We often want and need to know that we did everything we could before we leave a relationship.

So before you walk away, consider trying the following these 5 crucial ways to heal the toxic relationship you’ve found yourself in.

1. Identify what caused the problem

An accurate diagnosis is the first thing you need before starting to treat the illness of your relationship. Firstly, you need to identify the toxin that is eating you and your partner away. Could it be jealousy? Insecurity? Trust issues? Or maybe issues of dominance? Whatever the cause of the problem is, you have to identify it before applying any remedies.

2. Engage in crucial conversations

The passion, intimacy, and love you’re looking for can usually be found on the other side of truth. If your wish is to re-ignite the flames of your flickering love, you will have to start taking some emotional risks. A good starting point would be engaging in crucial conversations, by which you could potentially bring up the truths that you and your partner have been withholding from each other and then stay in dialogue, even if it feels uncomfortable and scary, until you sort your issues out.

3. Remind yourself of how much you love him or her and why

Sit down on your own and write down all the reasons you love your partner. We tend to focus on hurt and anger as our relationships start becoming toxic. So try to shake these feelings off for a moment and remind yourself of why you chose your partner, and what made you fall in love with them. Focusing on the good can make you see things from a better perspective, and wash away some of the negative feelings that have likely found their way to the forefront of your relationship.

4. Accept your flaws

Sometimes you might be tempted to blame all that is wrong on your partner. However, you may have failed to look within yourself and realize the role that you have played in the conflicts of your relationship all along. Thus, you need to learn to accept your own flaws. Be humble enough to accept and admit your flaws, and be fair to your partner. Keep in mind that both of you are a team. It isn’t about keeping tabs on your mistakes; it’s about having the courage to acknowledge your own shortcomings in order to save what you have built together.

5. Plan for the future together

You may be going through a difficult phase with your partner right now, but you need to remember that these things will, in turn, make you stronger and more able to face future challenges. Remind each other that this is just a dark time for your relationship which you will surely overcome. Talk about achieving your shared future goals. Make your significant other feel that you support his or her dreams. If you can still see a future in which you are together, then get a grip on yourself and save the relationship.

The perfect relationship doesn’t exist.

Toxic relationships cannot always be repaired, and sometimes when you have exhausted all your efforts but are still unable to fix your toxic relationship the only option left is to end it.

But you must never quit before fighting till the end. Never give up on the person you love without trying your best to keep him or her.

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