5 tips on how to save a failing relationship everyone should know about

What do you do if your relationship is in shambles? What actions can you take if your partner is becoming more and more emotionally distanced?

Essentially, how can you save a struggling relationship?

Here are 5 of the best ways to tackle your issues and save your relationship from falling apart.

Whether you and your partner have been together for three months or three decades, there will be something in this list for everyone.

1. Stop causing each other pain

Fighting is normal and we often say and do things that hurt the other, sometimes even just to “let it out”. However, words can have a wounding effect which can cause permanent emotional trauma. If you feel that you cannot control your anger during an argument, it’s not always the best idea to talk at all. Find a way to release your negativity, but not towards your partner.

2. Repair trust by healing the pain caused by your actions

Relationships cannot survive solely on love. Trust is the main building block of all relationships.

If trust is broken, the relationship will inevitably suffer.

To rebuild trust, you must first repair the pain you inflicted on your partner.

In order to accomplish that you need to:

  • Admit that you were wrong.
  • Take full responsibility for your actions without excuses or blame.
  • Acknowledge the specific way in which your actions hurt your partner.
  • Ask to be forgiven.
  • Assure them that you are working on changing your pattern of behavior and stick to your promise.

3. Respect each other’s differences

Respect your differences, because, after all, you are two different people. Regardless of how perfectly matched you are on paper or whether you believe you’re soulmates, there will always be differences because both of you have gone through a lot of experiences that shaped each of you into a unique person.

4. Focus on your partner’s needs (especially the ones you’ve been neglecting)

If you want to save a crumbling relationship you cherish, you need to focus on the needs and wants of your partner. It cannot be about you at all times. Go to her event. Listen to his music. Show an honest interest in the things that matter to him or her. Learn your partner’s emotional language and start speaking it.

Focusing on your partner’s needs with true interest will effectively let them know that they matter. This pattern will surely work in getting their attention. But don’t expect it to happen straight away.

5. Do not let them feel that you’ve given up

You need to have faith in every little piece that makes your relationship whole. Don’t give up on what you have and fight for it regardless of how heartbroken or hurt you are. It’s alright to admit that you are hopeless but never say it loud until it is truly over. If your loved one feels that you’re not doing what you should do to fix it, then it could potentially lead to the final and everlasting goodbye.

We hope these tips can help you rebuild your own relationship. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

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