Could Gratitude Save Failing Relationships? The Answer Is Yes!

Gratitude has the ability to rewire our brains from a negative state to a positive state of mind.

It is the act of appreciation and will bring whoever practices it towards a state of gratefulness.

Gratitude is a powerful medicine on its own but can it be used to save a dying relationship?

The answer is yes! Here’s why:

It’s no secret that a relationship is hard work and if it’s going to work it requires effort from both parties. However, things aren’t always peaches and cream, especially when the honeymoon phase ends. If you’re in or have ever been involved in a long-term relationship you will know that sometimes you can take your partner for granted and vice versa. With time, you may not put in as much effort as you did in the beginning when the love was new and fresh. Dates become a thing of the past and you stop doing nice things for each other like surprising dinners or flowers. This pattern often leads to a lack of appreciation and you, or both of you end up taking each other for granted, assuming that just because you love each other you will always be together.

Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not how love works.

Love is like a fire, if it is left unattended the flames will die out, and in the end, one of you, or both of you are left feeling let down, resentful and neglected.

Gratitude is the answer!

The great news is that there’s a very simple but brilliant way to breathe new sparks into a once dying fire and by doing this you can make your partner feel appreciated and loved.

It’s called GRATITUDE!

And to do this one must simply introduce feelings of gratitude into the relationship. Have you ever heard the saying “The only attitude is gratitude”? Gratitude is indeed an attitude, and if one adopts this attitude then a shift begins to happen. You begin to appreciate your partner for who they are as a person and for their very existence. You stop measuring gratitude by the small and big things they do for you but rather, for their beauty as a human.

Gratitude also means consciously thinking about all the good traits and characteristics which they possess and being thankful for being in a loving relationship with them.

How can being grateful improve your relationship?

Studies have shown that couples who display gratitude towards each other experience deeper levels of satisfaction within the relationship and are a lot closer to each other than those who don’t show gratitude.

Gratitude creates generosity and appreciation. It all starts with being grateful for your partner which leads to appreciating them and the things they do. Through gratitude, you become aware of their value as a human, after all, people tend to be the best versions of themselves when they are being appreciated.

Gratitude is the best attitude!

Adopting an attitude of gratitude can be beneficial, not only for romantic relationships but for all relationships. Once we cultivate gratitude within ourselves it filters through into the relationships and people around us, creating happy, thankful and grateful relationships.

Next time you find yourself feeling underappreciated and disgruntled in relationships, take a breather and think of all the things and people that make you grateful and watch your mood instantly change for the better.

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