The Awesome Perks Of Leaving A One One-Sided Relationship

Have you ever felt so broken that you questioned the point of your own existence?

Well, many of us have and be sure, it hurts a lot.

It is painful to not get back what you give. It hurts realizing that the person you’ve invested so much in, was faking it all this time. It hurts being the fool.

For love to work its magic, we need to meet each other halfway. But sadly, some of us pour all our hearts into a person who is not willing to share even a small bit of theirs. We end up tolerating mood swings and ignore looking into what’s behind a person’s endless requests for a “break” and “alone time.” And the truth is, often cheating lies behind it.

But when enough is enough, there simply is no other option but to draw the line.

And when that happens, they will shamelessly blame us for everything.

It is always the guiltiest who plays the blame game in the end.

We give them the best years of our lives and our unconditional love. We think that the magic will never come to an end. But it does, and that is when they shatter our world. They make us feel like fools, but little do they know, this experience only makes us stronger.

Letting them go means letting the pain go away and that in itself brings empowerment.

We do what we have to do to escape misery and find our way towards new levels of happiness. And yes, it will hurt a lot, but it’s all worth it in the end.

And for them, it will be worse than it is for us. Because when we are fully healed and are once again able to enjoy life, they will start regretting their mistakes.

It is difficult to find someone who is worth all the struggle and wait, but when the right person comes along they have to be nurtured. 

Just like you care for a plant, you have to care for that one person who will make you feel complete.

And to the one who hurt you do not wish terrible pain and anguish but wish them luck in finding a person who they would be able to love with all their heart – a feeling that you already know the joys of.

You moved on, you learned, you healed, you prospered – you gained the awesome perks of leaving a one-sided relationship.

Be thankful for the harsh lessons that made you stronger and embrace the one who truly deserves you!

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