Remember these 7 things when you feel broken inside

We are all trying to keep it together, but sometimes life gets too darn overwhelming to bear. It pushes us to our limits and tests our sanity until we can’t take it anymore and give in to anxiety and depression.

What you need to understand is that even though you might feel broken inside, the pain you’re experiencing is only life giving you a lesson.

All you have to do in such times is to take a step back and allow yourself to feel all the feelings you need to get through. This will not only ease your mind but will make you stronger than you were before.

Here’s what you need to remember when you feel hopeless and alone.

1. Life is a series of ups and downs.

It’s all one big rollercoaster of emotions. The ride might get quite bumpy sometimes, but it’s still thrilling. Sadly, sometimes we take life too seriously to appreciate the whole experience. And as we focus on the negative things that happen, we forget to be grateful for the great ones. Enjoy your life while it lasts, because no one could bring you back your youth, your time, and your lost hopes. These hard times you’re going through are here to show you what really matters and to teach you how to appreciate life while you still can.

2. Focus on the things that spark joy in you.

Our lives suddenly got too busy and overwhelmed, and we barely have time to stop and smell the flowers. Make sure you don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of the things that make your heart skip a beat. Spend time with the people who make you feel exceptional and who motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Or spend some time alone, doing things you truly love and enjoy. Don’t define yourself by the sadness you’re experiencing at the moment. You are light, power, and brilliance. Embrace that.

3. The stars wouldn’t shine without darkness.

If it weren’t for those dark times when you feel broken and helpless, you wouldn’t be able to see the whole beauty of the things that make your life incredible. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a few heartbreaks to recognize the good in the world. The cracks in your soul allow the light to come inside of you. If you only had positive experiences all the time, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow and strengthen your mind.

4. There are people in your life who are there for you.

You have friends and family who will be there for you and support you no matter what challenge life brings you. They will help you go through all the struggles and overcome the overwhelming obstacles on your way. What’s more, the hard times open your eyes to the genuine people around you, and the ones who are there only when they need you. The real ones will stay, even if you’re a mess, even if you have nothing to offer, and even when you tell them to go. The rest will disappear one by one. This will teach you one of the most hurtful, but valuable life lessons – trustworthy people are extremely rare.

5. Don’t fight your feelings. Face them.

You are a simple human being with a variety of feelings and emotions. Your mind is programmed to react differently to different situations. It’s not a weakness to feel hopeless when something devastating happens. It’s not a strength to remain stone-cold and bottle up your emotions. Hiding your feelings and repressing them sooner or later will severely backfire. But if you allow yourself to express your emotions, you would be able to face them and figure out an effective way to deal with them. Let your soul breathe.

6. Your brokenness is NOT everything.

Maybe right now you feel this pain you’re experiencing is everything, but there is so much more to life. After all, you still get to breathe fresh air, see the mesmerizing sunsets, and hear the captivating melody of your favorite song. Even though you’rebroken now, you can still experience all this beauty. Despite your temporary downfall, there are many amazing, awe-inspiring things happening in the world around you.

7. Your pain does NOT define you.

Remember that nothing in life is permanent, including your pain. The hard times will pass, and lightness will come into your life, as long as you let it. So, don’t identify yourself with the contemporary struggles you’re going through. Your emotions are an essential part of your being, but they are not everything. Don’t let them control your whole life.

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