How To Face Your Feelings

Do you often find yourself intentionally trying to keep your mind busy, so you don’t think of your problems?

Isn’t it overwhelming to always cover your feelings up, when instead you can actually feel them?

The truth is, in order to heal and overcome your troubles, you first have to let yourself feel all the emotions on the way.

There are times when we experience pain so deep that trembles our whole life. Our hearts get torn into pieces. It seems impossible to get back on our feet. In such times, our minds are trained to suppress the pain, to hold back the feeling of grief or sorrow. It is generally accepted to hide your emotions as much as you can. This is both self-destructive and mentally exhausting.

To begin with, pretending that everything is fine or keeping yourself busy won’t do you any good. Let your soul to fully experience the pain. This way you will be able to truly understand what you are going through. Not only you will reveal the roots of your problems, but you will also find a way to overpower them.

Maybe you are wondering how to face your feelings. It is simpler than it seems.

The first step is to acknowledge them. If you are angry, see what’s bothering you. If you are heartbroken, see why things didn’t work out. Of course, this doesn’t mean to tire your mind and overthink every little moment that has passed. Just figure out the real reason behind your negative emotions.

Once you recognize your feelings, it’s time to accept them.

We are all coping up with our emotions on a daily basis. Our minds are a chaotic mixture of various feelings and sometimes the bad ones take the wheel. It is perfectly normal to feel miserable and joyless. There is nothing wrong with being highly sensitive at times.

What you have to do next is a bit harder. You need to make crucial changes to your own mindset.

Instead of thinking that it’s better to hide your feelings, you have to learn how to emphasize them.

Whenever you are giving yourself time to truly experience your emotions, you are doing something good for your soul. You are healing.

Think of this process as an accomplishment. Give yourself an account for not falling apart today. Go through these unpleasant feelings knowing that once you actually feel them, you will be at peace. The goal here shouldn’t be to wipe your problems out but to be in harmony with your soul. The minute you achieve that, you will easily find solutions for your troubles.

For instance, the next time you feel stressed or anxious over something, take a few deep breaths. Think about the reason you are feeling this way. Listen to some jazz music or simply watch the rainfall. Be present in the moment and you will see how your mind will slowly calm down. Let your heart know that things will eventually get better.

It is important to realize that experiencing your struggles is truly meaningful.

You are making the colossal effort to deal with your feelings and overpower them.

All the energy you give to do this matters. Face your feelings! This is the best advice you will receive today. Not everything needs to be sugar-coated. Don’t waste your time figuring out how to disguise your pain. Give yourself permission to be genuinely emotional. It is an essential step on the way to overcoming your difficulties.

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