Strong women would rather be alone than surrounded by fake people

She has the power and the grace of the greatest Amazon. That’s why she would never settle for anything less than she deserves. And she will never make an exception for anyone.

This fearless woman needs someone who will genuinely love her till the very end. She will never stop until she finds this special someone who will respect her and make her feel adored and appreciated.

What’s more, she prefers to stay alone, and enjoy her own company, than wasting her time on fake relationships. Here’s why.

1. She only cares about real connections.

A woman that has clear goals and is willing to do anything to accomplish them has no time to waste on fake connections. She keeps her circle small, but she deeply loves and appreciates everyone in it. She surrounds herself only with people who inspire her to fulfill her full potential. The ones that stimulate her both emotionally and intellectually, and support her on every step of her journey.

2. She can easily tell if someone’s lying.

In her life, she has been through many challenges and tough lessons. They taught her how to tell when someone’s being genuine, and when someone’s lying to her. Her mind works like a lie detector. If she senses someone misleading her, she would never give this person a second chance.

3. Small talk is not her thing.

Meaningless conversations are not a part of her busy schedule. Besides, she wouldn’t waste her valuable energy on talking about the weather or how Mondays are the worst. She has better things to discuss with people who really have what to say. In fact, she would rather stay silent than being engaged in a small-minded chitchat.

4. She loves spending time alone.

She isn’t afraid of being by herself. Just the opposite, she loves it. She is a strong, independent person who doesn’t need anyone else to feel complete. This amazing woman knows how to have fun and spend quality time on her own. She would always choose solitude over being surrounded by imposters.

5. She can’t stand hypocrites.

She would never stand more than a minute in a hypocrite’s company. Her time is too precious to be spent with posers who say one thing, but end up doing completely the opposite. This absolutely admirable lady needs to be in the company of genuine people who are sincere and appreciate honesty over sugarcoated lies. For her, anyone who would rather create a fake persona for themselves, than be authentic, is utterly pathetic.

6. She’s never impressed by poor excuses.

Nothing can excuse someone’s toxic behavior. Besides, she is not someone who can be easily manipulated. She can spot toxic behavior within seconds, and she will never stand anyone’s hollow made-up excuses. No one can walk over this stunning woman, and she makes it clear at the very beginning. And if someone dares to forget it, she immediately reminds them who she is. She would never tolerate anyone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

7. She despises injustice.

This woman wasn’t born strong and emotionally stable. It was all the pain and all the struggles she has been through that shaped her unique personality. Every life lesson she learned, taught her how to tell the difference between right and wrong. It’s encoded deep in her soul that justice is the greatest power that would lead the world to the progress it needs so much. That’s why she despises injustice and looks down on anyone who uses it to succeed in life.

Strong women know exactly who they are and what they are aiming for. They are not afraid to stay alone if this is what’s best for their growth. This is the sole reason why they prefer to be in their own company, rather than spending their precious time with indecent and unworthy people.

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