Strong women never beg, force, or chase anyone. They just walk away.

She has been through countless storms.

This strong woman has experienced multiple damaging heartbreaks.

Her heart has been broken into a thousand pieces.

Every time she thinks she wouldn’t make it, she gets back up on her feet stronger than ever.

A strong woman is the most selfless human being on Earth. Her heroic boldness doesn’t let her give up even when her heart is been torn apart. Even if she goes through hell, she will come back with power greater than you’ve ever seen.

Strong women are not afraid of expressing their thoughts and standing up for themselves. This is what makes them truly badass. And they won’t ever beg, force, or chase anyone. They will simply walk away from the senselessness.

A strong woman will never beg for attention.

If someone dares to take a strong woman for granted, she would walk away without thinking twice about it. She wouldn’t waste her time waiting for someone to make up their mind. This independent woman has better things to do.

Forcing someone to stay beside her isn’t a part of a strong woman’s character. You either stay true to her, or you get gone. There is no in-between.

A strong woman will never chase anyone

These women know their worth, and they would never waste time chasing someone. A strong woman is aware of the fact that if somebody wants to be with her, they would make the effort and pursue her, instead of making her chase them.

In case someone catches her attention, she would give them a chance to impress her and win her heart. But this is not an easy task. She has seen too many fake people in her life, so she knows how to recognize the real ones. If your intentions aren’t pure, better don’t waste her time.

You need to show that you are worthy of a strong woman’s heart. She has been through many mind-games, and she had wasted her genuine emotions on the wrong people. This made her build up a wall higher than a skyscraper. So, if you’re not willing to break this wall, and truly love this woman, better stay away from her.

A strong woman knows what she wants from life.

She is not afraid to stand tall and speak her mind. This fierce woman knows exactly what she wants from life, and she has already figured out the way to get it all. She is the master of her own fate, and she doesn’t need the approval of anyone else but herself. Her heart has been hurt many times, and now she is capable of anything to protect it and to preserve her own happiness.

She can spot a toxic person in seconds, and if she senses someone like that, she would immediately walk away. And as she walks away, she would never look back. She doesn’t need suchlike people in her life. Being through all this made her heart her top priority. That’s why she would do anything to keep it from dirty hands.

A strong woman would never change for someone.

Strong women know that the right person will cherish them for their true nature. They are looking for someone who would appreciate them for who they are, not for who they might be. If you are in love with a strong woman, you should love her the same when she’s all dressed up, and when her hair is messy, and she has no makeup on.

You should also support her dreams, and help her achieve her goals. This doesn’t mean she can’t handle it all by herself. In fact, strong women know what they are capable of, and they don’t need anyone else to help them. But in a relationship, both of the partners should be supportive and caring. That’s what makes a couple strong and healthy.

A strong woman has standards.

Not only she knows what she wants, but she also has high standards. In fact, she’s a bit stubborn too. But no matter how self-willed she can be, her love is real. She loves unconditionally and selfless. However, a strong woman’s heart is not easy to reach at all. She has already built many walls around it that only a genuine person could break.

In other words, a strong woman either loves hard, or she doesn’t love at all. The second she feels like her love isn’t appreciated, she would simply walk away. She is completely aware that nobody deserves her to beg, force, or chase them. Her love is not something you should mess with. If you are in love with a strong woman, you better try your best to win her heart and make her feel like she could trust you no matter what. Otherwise, if she sees your intentions are not genuine, nothing can stop her from walking away.

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