Strong women don’t beg for love, they walk away as soon as they feel unwanted

Surely most women have found themselves in the following situation with a man: You meet a guy you’re intrigued by.

The sparks start flying and eventually you start dating. Your feelings start becoming more intense and eventually, you fall in love, believing that you are each other’s soulmates.

And all of a sudden your dreamworld breaks into pieces as for some reason he realizes that he’s not ready for long-term commitment and just disappears from your life.

Your prince on a white horse has vanished and you’re left hanging on to a hope that he may one day come back asking to be forgiven.

And it’s more than normal to get furious and feel a strong need to get back at him or least to find him and tell him what a fool he is to let you go. But trust me, it’s not worth the sweat. Furthermore, messaging him and giving him even tiny bits of attention will make you look like an obsessive maniac.

So stop it – be the woman who has the strength and pride to leave when she feels unwanted.

Instead, spend your precious energy on investing in yourself, traveling, and meeting new, like-minded people. Because even if you don’t want to admit it – the signs were there all along. You just chose to ignore them. And you kept on holding on and believing the lie. Until he disappeared and broke your heart.

You mustn’t go through all this, because life is just too short to be wasted on chasing phantoms. There’s plenty of decent men out there who would even be willing to take down the sky just to be with a woman like you.

And if you’re sitting all by yourself wondering how you can be sure that your partner is no longer into you, here are two red flags to look out for.

1. Spending time with you isn’t a priority for him

Alright, let’s get one thing straight; If a guy wants to see you – he will, no matter how busy he truly is. But when he stops keeping his promises to you and starts looking for excuses, just know that it may be time for you to look for happiness elsewhere.

2. He behaves in a way that shows you he doesn’t truly care

Men are not hard to please and quite easy to read too. You just need to look at their actions and not their words and you’ll understand how they feel about certain things. If your guy acts like his mind is somewhere else when he’s with you, then you’re likely not a priority for him. And if he doesn’t care you shouldn’t care either. It’s that simple.

True, sometimes a man will realize what he’s lost and start chasing his woman after she’s left him. But that’s rarely the case, and let’s be real, life rarely plays out as a romantic movie.

In a perfect world, we should all end up with someone who doesn’t need to lose us to realize what they had.

So, be strong, know your worth, and never beg for love, no matter how crushed you may feel. Life will reward you for it!

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