I Don’t Want A Prince Charming Who Claims He Can Solve My Problems, I Want A Lover Who Won’t Ever Become A Problem.

We’ve been taught from a young age to believe that women need men in order to have a happy life and family (which is total BS).  Another weird and absurd belief is that a woman needs a man to make her life easier as if she’s incapable of living an easy going life without one.

It’s societal beliefs like this that mould us into believing that we are capable of less than what we are truly able to do and achieve. As women, it’s important to know and understand that we don’t need anything to be happy and successful except for a firm belief in ourselves. We are capable and can achieve anything we set our minds to.

I know single mothers who manage perfectly fine without a man at their side. I know single women who own their own companies and I know single women who fought in wars. 

As women it’s important to understand that we don’t need a man, but if we wanted one we can have one! When we were born we were given three simple birthrights; one, being independence, two, being strength and three, being life. We have the ability to be independent and successful, without the help of a man, we have the strength of all the women who came before us deeply imbedded within our makeup and most importantly we have the ability to create and birth life.

Another important thing to realise is that just because you are capable of living a happy life “man-free” doesn’t mean you need to. Having a choice is what makes life so interestingly beautiful.

You could choose to be the most badass independent business woman and still have a lover with whom you share special moments with. The trick is to not allow him or the relationship to change you in anyway. We often forget our independence within new relationships because, well, it’s nice having someone do nice things for you.

Relationships are, in essence, supposed to help you grow as a person. It’s meant to enrich and breathe life into parts of your being that you never knew existed. If you enter a relationship with no knowledge of how to be independent you can become codependent, and that is exactly what society has led us to believe is normal.

We don’t need a prince charming on a white horse who claims he can solve our problems because we are perfectly capable at solving it ourselves, and we especially don’t need a man who creates problems.

Find a love that motivates you to be your own person, a man who inspires and encourages you in all aspects of life. A lover who is not only your partner in life but who is your equal, someone who you can call a best friend.

You are under no obligation to stay in any situation that doesn’t nourish your soul. Set boundaries so that you can always make time for yourself and for doing what’s best for you and your life.

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