Strong Women Aren’t Born, But Created In The Storms They Survive – 7 Powerful Traits That Define Them

“She would rather walk alone in darkness than follow anyone else’s shadow.”

– R. G. Moon

Life is a rocky road, but some women just know how to navigate through it. 

Some women come out stronger from the fires they enter and just like phoenixes, they are born anew from the ashes. They learn from their mistakes, they fight through adversity and come out stronger and smarter as a result.

These are tough and self-sufficient women. They inspire generations and give them hope for a better future. They motivate and take giant leaps forward. They are the living proof that everything is possible if you have enough faith in yourself.

Here 7 powerful traits that define strong women:

1. Strong women know their value

They know their strong and weak spots. They know when to stop but also know exactly what they’re capable of. They never compare themselves to others. They may not be superhuman, but they are certainly unique.

2. They have faith in themselves. 

They know precisely what they need and are not afraid to chase after it. Their intuition is their compass, and that is how they always know they are on the right path.

3. Strong women are not afraid of their feelings

They have no problem with showing their vulnerable side and no matter how life treats them, they always find the strength to dust themselves off and keep on going.

4. Strong woman use their pain as a shield

They are warriors and survivors who do no let life’s hardships defeat them. They learn from each battle and come out of it even stronger. Failure only improves their fighting skills.

5. Strong women are forgiving

They don’t waste their time on grudges and revenge. Strong women are loving and forgiving. They avoid the burden of negativity and put forgiveness in its place. Because they know that we are all sinners and the only way we can move forward is to not repeat our past mistakes.

6. They are always honest, no matter how much the truth may hurt

They are well-intentioned and in their eyes, honesty is the best way to achieve progress. That is why they would rather cause someone pain by telling them the truth rather than comforting them with sweet lies that could ultimately cost them dearly.

7. Strong women are no attention seekers. They prefer to be respected. 

You won’t see them begging because they have no interest in anything else but respect. But be aware of one thing… Strong women do not explain why they want to be respected. They simply walk away from those who disrespect them.

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