8 True Traits of a Strong Mom

8 True Traits of a Strong Mom

We’re not talking “Tiger Mom” here, where intense focus is directed at excellence in child performance. Rather, what signs indicate maternal prowess that is, simply put, strong?
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I confess to bias.  I think  more often than not, “strong Mom” or “strong woman” is, well,  redundant. Still, I’m curious to discover common behaviors that inform parenting-rich with core values. Some maternal influence that cultivates character. So let’s call them  instead, “ mindful Moms”,  present,  far from perfect,  compelled by Mama Love.

1. Mindful Moms have confidence in themselves,

and naturally encourage the unique individual within each child. They resist the urge to mold them to their own expectations or desires. They instill the critical value of honesty.

2 Strongpathy is taught through daily practice of kind and humanistic acts.

 Present Moms understand we are all interconnected and instill the value of compassion.
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3. Connection to community cultivates values of altruism, and enhanced individual health.

 A mindful  Mom prioritizes family gatherings, neighborhood events and broader social activities.  

4. Respect is underscored when a mindful Mom insists on healthy personal boundaries.

 She is not intrusive, impulsively driven by her own agenda. She requires her children to communicate needs and respect the needs of others. “The Golden Rule” is a common reference.

5. When life hands out lemons, engaged Moms make lemonade.

Adversity is transcended with optimism, acceptance and gratitude.

6. Secure Moms teach critical thinking.

They practice non-interference and advocate the need to see situations from all sides before creating conclusions. Emotional intelligence and diplomacy enhance their children’s development.

7. Self esteem results from conscious Moms who assign chores.

They equate personal responsibility with self worth. Freedom of choice and true independence is a consequence of personal discipline.
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8. Finally, alert Moms stress the value of education through the power of literacy.

 They role model the joy of learning, the limitless “something new” to try, practice, explore.  Their children benefit from appreciation for diversity and innate joie de vie.  

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we really want? We want our children to be happy, to live happy, gratifying lives, and to aspire to leave the world a smidge better place…for their children…and their children…..and so on.

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