Strong-minded people beat Narcissists at their own game

Narcissists are experts at messing up the lives of others, and they do it without holding their breath.

They use others as tools to get what they want.

They will act as they have a person’s best interests in mind to make them addicted to their narcissistic persona. And it is not until the relationship gets deep that the narcissist will start showing their true face. It is then up to the victim to decide whether they will accept this abuse or throw the narcissist out of their life.

Sure, each one of us has their own way of dealing with a narcissist. But strong people individuals tend to deal with them better and defeat them at their own dirty game.

This is how:

Strong-minded people are not naïve.

They can easily tell if a narcissist is trying to manipulate them. Narcissists are always on the lookout for kind people so that they can feel better about themselves and get their giant egos stroked. They manipulate the kind by tricking them into believing they are made of the same stuff. That is why they cannot manipulate strong people. Because strong individuals are fully aware of their qualities and aren’t afraid to confront the fakers in their lives.

Strong people don’t allow the narcissist to shift the blame onto them.

They are capable of admitting their own wrongdoings and apologize for them, but would never accept being blamed for something they are not guilty of. Hence, the technique of convincing others they are to blame when it is usually the other way around will not work.

Strong characters always have their defenses up. A narcissist is a person who can make a person believe in a fake future together. Making plans for the future is the narcissist’s best weapon of deception. Strong people, however, do not fall for empty words that are not followed by actions.  And they are infinitely patient when it comes down to letting someone into their heart.

Strong individuals possess a high level of confidence and are not easily brought to their knees.

Narcissists bring others down in order to gain control over them. But strong people are fully aware of their own strengths and qualities and they cannot be easily brought down. Strong-minded people won’t ever let a person use them as a doormat.

Strong-minded people aren’t afraid of telling a narcissist the truth face to face.

Narcissists act entirely different when in private and in public. They wear many masks because they need them in order to get what they want from others. Strong-minded folks don’t let this kind of maliciousness slip by. So they will call out the narcissist even in public – it is what the narcissist hates the most.

Strong people never stay silent when they’re faced with abuse. Narcissists are master manipulators, and they know how to attack a person’s weakest points. But strong people are aware of their tricks. They never let the narcissist capture them in their web of lies. They won’t allow a narcissist to have their way.

Strong-minded people are more than capable of recognizing when someone is playing with their feelings. 

They are aware that narcissists always play the victim when they get called out on their foul behavior. They won’t be fooled into feeling sorry for a person they know deserves to be called out. They are not touched by the sweet words of poison.

And that is how strong-minded people defeat narcissists at their own game.

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