8 Incredible Attributes of Mentally Strong People

Author: Harmony Bird

I once knew a person with consistent initiative, the ability to stand unshaken in difficult circumstances, and tenacious joy. I watched this person encounter many turmoils and though they had moments of breakdown they always came out on top.

To me, they were the definition of a mentally strong person.

Mental strength can be more hidden than physical strength, so here is a list of attributes that will help define it.

Commitment and Discipline

Knowing their purpose in life is a driving force for the mentally strong. They know what to commit their life to, and they commit to it. This takes discipline; day in and day out living for a vision. It is more than seeing the vision in their mind’s eye. They find a way to act on it so it becomes tangible on the outside.

Growth Mindset

A mentally strong person fails forward. They see failure as a moment to learn. They are not too proud to think they are above making a mistake. But they sure will take the time to understand how they can improve for the future. When most people hear “failure” whispered in their ear, the mentally strong hear the word “opportunity.”

Know How to Say “No”

A mentally strong person knows their boundaries and limitations and sticks to them. They do not overcommit. They are self-aware enough to know what is healthy and place a high value on it.

Loves Challenge

A mentally strong person loves to step into the arena of fear to do battle. They will take risks and push themselves because they want to test their limits and grow. Logic as well as emotion have a part to play in their decisions. As long as it aligns with their life purpose they will do it.

Unafraid of Discomfort

A mentally strong person doesn’t hesitate to put themselves in uncomfortable situations. They are not deterred by stress or pressure. They see value beyond their present feelings and let their life’s purpose have the last word.

Builds Relationships

A mentally strong person spends time with those most important to them. Prizing what everyone has to bring to the table, they enjoy time with family, friends, and even themselves. Down time spent in solitude is a priority because they recognize the importance of having time to think and rejuvenate.

Understands the Unfairness of Life

A mentally strong person accepts that bad things can happen to good people. They don’t waste their energy arguing with this, but instead sing in the midst of the storm. When they accept this inequality they are able to rejoice for those who are being blessed. They know as well that everything is fleeting, and that the sun comes out after the rain.

Lives Their Life Purpose

A mentally strong person is not tempted to compare themselves to the success of another. They know where their life is going and keep it moving towards that goal. They are not dissuaded from their vision. Each day is one step closer.

Mental strength is just like physical strength.

It is a muscle that can be worked, but it takes time. Commit to the process. You can have the stamina to become who you were meant to be and live a satisfied life.

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